CnD NBA SHOW: PeliCan'tWins

Che & Dyl talk LaMe(lo), Poku, and the Wolves loss vs. New Orleans.

  1. LaMelo/RotY [2:15]
  2. Poku [10:00]
  3. Signings [19:45}
  4. Lolves PeWicans [23:00]
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By Tony Abbott - May 14, 2021
The Positives and Negatives of New Wolves Ownership
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CnD NBA SHOW: Nuggets from the Wolves Loss and BONUS Heroes & Villains in the NBA

Che react Andys the Nuggets game, and then Dyl comes on for some NBA Heroes & Villains. Real Stupid News [00:15] Wolves Ownership [4:45] Wolves v. Nuggets […]

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