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ESPN Finally Gets It Right On Aaron Rodgers

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Mike Greenberg tried his damnedest. He lead questions as best he could, but none of the panelists would bite.

On Friday mornings edition of Get Up on ESPN, the host went around the room trying to get one of his guests to react to Aaron Rodgers NFC North Rivals comments.

Despite his efforts to have his guests take on a “Vikings will win the North” narrative, every single one of them strongly emphasized Rodgers abilities and resume, as well as the Packers chances to once again win the division.

Ryan Clark
Every year we come in here and we say, oh this team could be really good and oh this team could be really good. Then they play the Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers does Aaron Rodgers things. And even this year without Davante Adams and without feeling like you have the skill players on the outside, there’s a great defense in Green Bay, there’s an excellent Run game in Green Bay, and there’s still number 12.

Sam Acho
Man, wait till we get Bakhtiari back. Wait till we get Watson to play how we want him to play. Aaron Rodgers doesn’t really concern himself with things outside of his building and his people. He’s not concerned about the Bears or the Lions or the Vikings, he knows who he is and what he’s capable of and I think he’s going to win the division again.

Dan Graziano
The Vikings look good, but they’re learning a new offense, they’re learning a new defense. Kevin O’Connell might be a fantastic head coach we just don’t know, what we do know Is the Green Bay Packers head coach has set a record for victories in his first three years by an NFL head coach. The Packers still have some advantages and oh by the way Aaron Rodgers.

For a network that is happy to drum up any number 12 related controversy it can, it was nice to see a panel full of guests finally get it right on the back to back MVP and his team. Here’s to hoping he goes out and proves them right in 2022.

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