Green Bay Packers
Tom Brady Proves The Aaron Rodgers Double Standard (Again)
By Ethan Thomas - Jan 25, 2023
Aaron Rodgers has slowly climbed to LeBron James level when it comes to over-scrutinized athletes. His every word and look is dissected by every person in the […]
Green Bay Packers
Peter King Reveals Big Trade Price For Aaron Rodgers
By Ethan Thomas - Jan 24, 2023
Peter King revealed what he believes to be the potential price for Aaron Rodgers and his Monday Morning Quarterback Column on NBC Sports and given Rodgers age […]
Green Bay Packers
Who Cares What Rob Gronkowski Says About Aaron Rodgers
By Ethan Thomas - Jan 18, 2023
Hey guys, in case you’re wondering, the guy who is famous for acting stupid weighed in on Aaron Rodgers. That’s right, people are acting like Rob Gronkowski […]
Green Bay Packers
DeAndre Hopkins To The Green Bay Packers Is A No Brainer
By Ethan Thomas - Jan 16, 2023
I’m sure many Cheeseheads clicked into this article ready to scream “the Packers don’t have money for DeAndre Hopkins.” Relax. I will address all of your salary […]
Green Bay Packers
NFL Network Shoots Down Aaron Rodgers Retirement Conversation
By Ethan Thomas - Jan 14, 2023
Even on Super Wild Card Weekend the pundits can’t get enough of the Green Bay Packers. As the NFL Network’s excellent pregame show marched towards kickoff they […]
Green Bay Packers
Absolutely Everyone Lost The Davante Adams Trade
By Ethan Thomas - Jan 12, 2023
As word came out that Derek Carr would be either cut or traded by February 15th one thing became finally and officially clear: Absolutely no one won […]
Green Bay Packers
Matt Lafleur Makes Disappointing Decision On Joe Barry
By Ethan Thomas - Jan 10, 2023
Loyalty is a valuable trait but according to many Packers fans Matt LaFleur is loyal to a fault. His handling of the Amari Rogers situation and delay […]
Green Bay Packers
The Secret Weapon That Could Take Green Bay All the Way
By Ethan Thomas - Jan 5, 2023
Expectations are a powerful thing. Some are capable of rising up to meet them; others crumble in the process. The sports media lives on the successes and […]
Green Bay Packers
Top NFL Insider Gives Firm Prediction On Aaron Rodgers Future
By Ethan Thomas - Dec 2, 2022
As the Packers’ season became a lost cause the Jordan Love Aaron Rodgers discussion began. Love’s strong performance on Sunday night helped kick the conversation into the […]
Green Bay Packers
Keyshawn Johnson Still Believes In Green Bay
By Ethan Thomas - Nov 16, 2022
It’s not often that someone gets Stephen A. Smith to agree with them, but that’s exactly what Keyshawn Johnson accomplished on Tuesday’s edition of First Take on […]
Green Bay Packers
Former Packer John Kuhn Goes After Media Member
By Ethan Thomas - Oct 27, 2022
Aaron Rodgers’ comments on the Pat Mcafee show weren’t going to go unnoticed. Before mentioning one of his coaches told him it was his highest graded game […]
31 Years Ago Today Kirby Puckett Saved Minnesota
By Ethan Thomas - Oct 26, 2022
With the World Series on the line, down 3 games to 2, Kirby Puckett told an entire locker room to jump on his back. He then made […]