A Tom Brady Moment Highlighted Mike Zimmer’s Culture Failures
By Ethan Thomas - Jan 12, 2022
Yes, you clicked on a ridiculous headline. And no Tom Brady has not spoken publicly about the Minnesota Vikings’ decision to fire Mike Zimmer. But the Tampa […]
Former Vikings Quarterback Weighs In On Kirk Cousins Situation
By Ethan Thomas - Jan 11, 2022
Heading into the final week of the Vikings season all focus was on Mike Zimmer and Rick Spielman. Who, if anybody, would remain after the Bears game […]
Minnesota Vikings Expected To Keep Rick Spielman
By Ethan Thomas - Jan 8, 2022
It looks like the Mike Zimmer reign might finally be coming to an end in Minnesota after 8 seasons. Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports reported today […]
Justin Jefferson Wants To Recreate Iconic Minnesota Moment
By Ethan Thomas - Jan 7, 2022
In professional sports there are stars and then there are superstars. Minnesota has had its fair share of stars over the past three decades but it hasn’t […]
Mike Florio Perfectly Says What Vikings Fans Are Thinking About Mike Zimmer
By Ethan Thomas - Jan 5, 2022
“I think Mike laid that out pragmatically, fairly and eloquently.” Those are the words that Paul Allen, host of 9 to Noon on KFAN, used to sum […]
Minnesota Vikings Reportedly Preparing For New Head Coach Search
By Ethan Thomas - Jan 3, 2022
Under new rules this season, NFL teams can start the interview process for new coaches as soon as Dec. 28th. However, only teams who have either fired […]
Mike Florio Doubles Down On Justin Jefferson Concern
By Ethan Thomas - Dec 29, 2021
Days after suggesting Minnesota might have a problem with their superstar receiver Justin Jefferson, Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio appeared for his weekly segment on Nine to […]
Kirk Cousins Pushes Back on Justin Jeffersons Comments
By Ethan Thomas - Dec 27, 2021
On Sunday, fans of the Minnesota Vikings once again watched as their favorite team’s offense became overly conservative in the games most important moments. Especially staggering in […]
Mike Zimmer Defends Justin Jeffersons Comments
By Ethan Thomas - Dec 25, 2021
Take a deep breathe purple faithful. Justin Jefferson is not becoming Stefon Diggs. For Vikings fans saddled with the baggage of a wide receiver who didn’t want […]
Adrian Peterson Blasts NFL Officiating
By Ethan Thomas - Dec 22, 2021
Seattle Seahawks running back Adrian Peterson is upset with the way he believes officiating affected Tuesday’s game against the Los Angeles Rams. Peterson posted a lengthy message […]
Mike Zimmer Shuts Down Hot Seat Question
By Ethan Thomas - Dec 22, 2021
If Mike Zimmer were to rank his favorite aspects of being an NFL head coach, odds are “media availability” wouldn’t make the list. The surly ball coach […]
Colin Cowherd Goes Off On Chicago Bears Organization
By Ethan Thomas - Dec 21, 2021
The Chicago Bears loss to the Minnesota Vikings on Monday night was about as ugly as ugly gets. Turnovers, dumb penalties, and coaching ineptitude once again struck […]