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Explaining the '22 Green Bay Packers to Fans Under 40.

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A 3-4 start isn’t what any of us anticipated for the Green Bay Packers. This was supposed to be a Super Bowl contender with a back-to-back MVP at the helm. Mental mistakes, bad coaching, and underwhelming performances have instilled an unfamiliar level of doubt and frustration in the Green and Gold fan base.

Well, unfamiliar to the younger generation, that is.

This year’s struggle is hitting Packers fans under 40 far differently than those of us who’ve been around a bit longer. So with that in mind, let’s play out a hypothetical conversation to help our younger Cheeseheads understand and cope with this current moment.

The part of Shawn represents all Packer fans aged 40 or younger.
The part of Sarah represents all Packer fans over the age of 50.

Shawn: What. Is. Happening? We have more losses than wins. And this isn’t Week 3 or Week 5. We’re almost halfway through the season.

Sarah: I know. I’m flashing back to 1979. The offense that season couldn’t move the ball at all. The defense couldn’t stop the run. Sound familiar? A 3-4 record was actually the high point of the season. The Pack only won two more games the rest of the way.

Shawn: Was 1979 really that bad?

Sarah: That bad? We got swept by the Chicago Bears, of all things. And that happened a lot back then. I was just a kid; all I remember is Sundays weren’t a lot of fun.

Shawn: I just don’t get it. I mean, basically the whole team is back from last year. This core of guys has won 13 games each of the last three seasons. Yeah, I know, Davante is gone. And so Is MVS, and we’ve had to reconfigure the offensive line, and two of our top offensive coaches moved on…

Sarah: And Aaron Rodgers is inching closer to 40…

Shawn: That’s the crazy part. The Packers can score 30 points in their sleep. For as long as I’ve watched football, the Packers pretty much always have the best player on the field. Whether it’s No. 4 or No. 12, it doesn’t really matter who else is around them. Their greatness lifts everyone else up.

Sarah: Did you hear your favorite QB this week? His solution to fixing the offense is to bench guys who he thinks are repeatedly making mistakes. As if he’s been perfect. As if the bench is littered with talented stars in the making, just waiting for their big chance.

Shawn: He said Tom Clements graded him as the best player on offense against Washington.

Sarah: Yeah. A couple of issues there: your Hall of Fame quarterback should not be pointing out that he got an A, while the rest of the team is failing. And maybe the Pack should have brought in a new QB coach who would challenge Rodgers and not coddle him.

Shawn: But it’s all going to work out, right? Gutey is gonna swing a trade for a savior to come in and form an instant connection with ARodge and make us forget the name Davante, right? Or OBJ will sign up. We might stub our toes against the Buffalo Bills, but then we’ll go on a roll and beat the Detroit Lions, Dallas Cowboys, and Tennessee Titans, right?

Sarah: It’s not impossible, but this team appears to be much more than a wide receiver away from competing for a Super Bowl. What you’re seeing is what teams look like when they don’t have an all-world quarterback. Every game is losable. Nothing is guaranteed.

Shawn: And it goes on like that forever?

Sarah: Until you’re able to find an all-world quarterback. If you’re able to find one. Some teams never do.

Shawn: So that’s what it must feel like to be a Vikings fan.

(Passes Out)

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