The (Under) Dogs Are Barking
By Dave Sinykin - Oct 2, 2022
We’re coming off another winning week, now 7-2 to start the season, as we roll into Week 4. As usual, there are a few live dogs this […]
Green Bay Packers
Packers Must Beware Of The Belichick Trap
By Dave Sinykin - Oct 1, 2022
This is the kind of matchup that feels like an itch that you can’t quite reach. On paper, it looks like the beginning of a four-game stretch […]
Green Bay Packers
K-Dog Is Becoming A Difference Maker In Green Bay
By Dave Sinykin - Sep 30, 2022
All Hail K-Dog! That’s what Green Bay Packers CB/special teams ace Keisean Nixon calls himself. And after watching him ball on Sunday, two of my biggest concerns […]
Green Bay Packers
Pack Delivers A September Statement
By Dave Sinykin - Sep 26, 2022
We knew this one wasn’t going to win any style points. We knew that both teams entered the game with a strong defense and many question marks […]
Green Bay Packers
The (Under) Dogs Are Barking Week 3
By Dave Sinykin - Sep 25, 2022
Week 3 is upon us, and as a guy who plays the dogs, I love this week’s slate of games. It was hard to whittle it down […]
Green Bay Packers
Get Ready For “Bay of Pigs 2.0.”
By Dave Sinykin - Sep 23, 2022
Rodgers vs. Brady? More like Clark vs. Vea. The instant, first ballot HOF QBs meeting for maybe the last time will steal all the headlines, but this […]
Green Bay Packers
Takin’ Care of Business
By Dave Sinykin - Sep 19, 2022
Let’s be honest here. We didn’t learn a lot about the 2022 Green Bay Packers on Sunday night. The sun rises in the east, Kroll’s butter burgers […]
The (Under) Dogs Are Barking Week 2
By Dave Sinykin - Sep 17, 2022
The always unpredictable Week 1 is behind us and we somehow soared to a 3-0 start. If you’re new here, I pick three underdogs to cover each […]
Green Bay Packers
The Packers Are Sick, The Bears Are The Cure
By Dave Sinykin - Sep 16, 2022
Does anybody else wonder why the NFL continues to trot out the Bears at Lambeau in prime time? I mean, is anybody outside of the upper Midwest […]
Green Bay Packers
The Sky Is Falling! The Sky Is Falling!
By Dave Sinykin - Sep 14, 2022
“Doctor, your new patient has arrived.” “Please show him in.” The new therapy patient enters the office and immediately makes for the couch and lays down. “Good […]
Green Bay Packers
By Dave Sinykin - Sep 12, 2022
It sure didn’t take long to find out what kind of day this was going to be for the Green Bay Packers. When rookie Christian Watson torched […]
The (Under) Dogs Are Barking! Week 1 Edition
By Dave Sinykin - Sep 10, 2022
It’s so easy to bet the favorites. They’re supposed to win! It’s a lot more fun — and I’d argue a lot more rewarding – to bet […]