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Jahan Dotson Is A Skilled, Versatile Receiver Who Could Fall To the Packers

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After trading Davante Adams and seeing Marquez Valdes-Scantling depart in free agency, the Green Bay Packers need a young receiver. They need a star wideout who can be an X-factor in their offense. Jahan Dotson out of Penn State is exactly that, and he will likely be available when Green Bay picks at No. 22 and 28.

He is not as hyped as some of the top receiver options in this year’s draft like Jameson Williams and Garrett Wilson, but Dotson is likely a late first-round pick or an early second, which puts him in the perfect position to suit up in the Green and Gold in 2022.

Dotson was once considered the top receiver in this year’s draft, but the emergence of other receivers’ caused Dotson’s stock to drop. However, that isn’t a knock on Dotson. It’s more of a testament to the deep receiver class this year.

At 5’11”, 183 lbs., Dotson is a smaller-framed receiver. Still, he plays most of his snaps outside, not in the slot. James Franklin lined Dotson up everywhere because of his athleticism.

Dotson occasionally lined up in the backfield and the slot, allowing him to get the ball easier and create mismatches. With how shallow Green Bay’s wide receiver room is, they need someone who primarily lines up on the outside but possesses the flexibility to be used everywhere.

Most of Dotson’s criticisms stem from his size and lack of strength. Though the complaints are fair, it’s important to remember that Dotson will be coming into a league that has become increasingly more pass-heavy each year. We constantly see smaller, faster receivers having success, despite their size. The “too small” stereotype needs to be eliminated.

Yet another common stereotype of smaller receivers is that they can’t catch. Dotson already proved that wrong in college.

Also, Dotson is a master at making the most out of every catch. He can turn a slant down the field into a touchdown or take a screen to the house.

Ironically, the tweet above mentioned Devonta Smith, who has a very similar playing style. While Dotson doesn’t have Smith’s ginormous wingspan, his on-field performance and style are highly similar.

Both receivers excel at route running, get plenty of yards after the catch, and have incredible athleticism. Pundits held Smith’s size against him going into the draft, yet he’s proven to be an impact player in the NFL.

Dotson is also great against zone coverage, which will allow him to fit in perfectly into the modern NFL.

As mentioned before, Dotson is an excellent route runner, especially on the goal line. His surgical routes create separation no matter where he is on the field.

Check out this insane route against Maryland, where he made the cornerback look silly.

Dotson doesn’t only create separation with his routes in the open field. He also does so regularly in the red zone.

Not many players can get that wide-open in the end zone. It would be a huge asset to a team that ranked 18th in the league in red-zone touchdown percentage. Though that isn’t terrible per se, that number should be much higher given how talented Aaron Rodgers is. Dotson can fix this overlooked issue for the Packers.

And though it may seem insignificant, the fact that Dotson has a past playing in colder weather should be promising to Green Bay.

The wide receiver class this year is deep. When the Packers pick in the first round, they will have a plethora to choose from. They might even be able to grab Dotson with the 53rd-overall pick. It’s right outside his draft range, and if teams keep overlooking him, the Packers could get a steal in the second round.

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