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Titletown Mailbag: Rich Bisaccia Hire, Jaire Extension and More

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Welcome to the weekly Zone Coverage Packers mailbag, where I try to answer all your burning NFL and Green Bay Packers-related questions, submitted via Twitter to @m_widmeier.

Everyone is elated with the hiring of Rich Bisaccia, but his hire alone doesn’t solve the problems, does it?

In short, no. The players have to still go out and execute, but with Bisaccia running the show, there’s a widespread belief that the players will be put in advantageous positions.

Green Bay could not go with another inside-the-building hire for their special teams coordinator spot. Maurice Drayton was a disaster; it took less than a season to realize that. After Bisaccia took over for Jon Gruden in Las Vegas and helped guide the Raiders to the postseason, he became a hot commodity as soon as the Raiders hired Josh McDaniels.

The Packers and the fanbase should be overjoyed with this hire. Those who have played for Bisaccia have taken to social media since the news dropped to support how good of a human and coach he is. It’s Step 1 in what should be a total overhaul of how the Packers have approached special teams for so long.

Bisaccia coming in will be a breath of fresh air. It’s impossible for the special teams to be any worse off. Set the goals high and give Bisaccia some time to install how he does things. It should be a positive return for the Packers.

Everyone is focused on Rodgers and Adams and getting them back, but what about Jaire [Alexander]’s situation?

Jaire Alexander is absolutely a top priority for the Green Bay Packers, and getting him a hefty contract extension will be in the works. The reason it’s not getting near the amount of attention it should is because of the timing of what’s going on with Rodgers and Adams.

Adams is a free agent now. There’s no time to waffle or push things back. Green Bay has to decide what the hell they want to do now with Adams. They can back up the Brinks truck, franchise tag him, let him walk, or tag and trade him. But there’s no putting it off any longer. The same can be said for Rodgers, although it’s the Packers waiting on him to make a decision.

Alexander is due an extension this offseason, but he’s not a free agent. Even if the two sides can’t come to terms on a deal before the start of the 2022 season, Alexander will still be in the green and gold.

In an ideal world, the Packers get a deal done with him this offseason. I’m not too worried about it. There’s no chance they’d let Rodgers, Adams, and Alexander all go in the span of two years. Alexander is just entering his prime, and both sides should be motivated to get a deal done.

What are the chances Mason Crosby is back next year?

Green Bay has been super loyal to Mason Crosby throughout his career, and the returns have been tremendous. Crosby has been such a reliable kicker and has done it in some not-so-great weather. He’s been as steady as they come through most of it, but the writing seems to be on the wall.

Crosby was a mess for large stretches of the 2021 season. While he had a couple of kicks blocked, the field-goal kicking operation had way too many hiccups. Plus, there’s one huge factor that needs to be considered: the cap hit.

Crosby has a $4.7 million cap hit for 2022, which is way too extravagant for Green Bay. They’re already in salary cap hell. Crosby’s number does them no favors. There is the possibility that both sides could negotiate the number down to something reasonable, but it’s more likely that the Packers just move on from Crosby after an underwhelming 2021 season from a 37-year-old kicker.

Keep in mind that Green Bay also has JJ Molson, a kicker from UCLA, on a reserve/futures contract.

Do we cheer for the Bengals or Rams this week?

This one is up for debate. I’m a huge Joe Burrow guy, but it’s hard not to pull for Matthew Stafford after all he put up with in Detroit for 12 years.

It may be easier to cheer for the Bengals simply because the Packers see them less often so there isn’t a built-in animosity for many fans towards Cincinnati. Many can’t stand Aaron Donald after his cheap shots and the choking of Elgton Jenkins and Lucas Patrick, which could make the decision easier.

It’s impossible to not like Burrow, so for that reason, I’ll be pulling for Cincinnati. To pour salt into the wound, remember that Green Bay beat both of these teams in the regular season.

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