Nordo's Numbers: Week 11

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The Minnesota Vikings lost the turnover battle 0-3, and the Denver Broncos beat them 21-20 on Sunday Night Football. The Vikings ran the ball well, and Dobbs worked his magic early in the game, but it wasn’t enough to overcome a pick and two fumbles. Minnesota is 3-0 when they win the turnover battle, 2-0 when they tie, and 1-5 when they lose it.

Minnesota still has four straight winnable games coming up, but they’ll have to take care of the ball to give themselves a chance to take the division from the Detroit Lions late in the season.


Josh Dobbs’ fumble on third-and-one was the Vikings’ third lost fumble on an opening drive this season. Overall, Minnesota’s 5 turnovers on opening drives are the most in the NFL.


In 2023, NFL teams that win the turnover margin in a game are 86-35 (71% win rate) entering Week 11.


Josh Dobbs is the first player in NFL history with a pass TD and a rush TD in each of his first 3 games with a franchise.


Minnesota’s running backs had 75 yards by the second quarter. The Vikings have only run for 75 yards three times in a full game all year.


Josh Dobbs has 5 consecutive games with a rushing touchdown, including 3 with the Vikings. He has had a pass and rush TD in each of the past 4 games, the longest active streak in the NFL.

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