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Brett Favre's Huge Praise For Jordan Love

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Sometimes, in the NFL, a singular performance can change an entire narrative. That seems to be the case in Green Bay. After their statement making win on Thanksgiving over the Lions, the national media has all of a sudden decided that perhaps Jordan Love does have a future.

But those close to the team, and those who have played the game, have been telling us for months that a moment like Thursday was on the horizon. The NFL is not a simple league and success and growth take time especially with extreme youth at important positions.

Brett Favre was on the Go Long podcast with Tyler Dunn and shared huge praise for Jordan Love’s big moment.

“I like what I see. And I think I said in one of the first shows that we did, I like how the players respond to Jordan.” Favre said. “To me an element to success is do the guys rally around you? Do they wanna win for you? Now they should wanna win anyway, but there is something to be said about being likable, being a team leader, guys saying “look, I’ll jump in the fox hole with that guy any day of the week” and I think Jordan loves has shown that throughout, but the last couple weeks man he’s turned it on.”

What a huge compliment to have those words coming from Brett, a man who is probably the most likable on field leader in NFL history.

“The guys are eager to run over there and celebrate with him.” Favre continued. “Listen, I don’t know Jordan Love, all I know is what I see. So you don’t see the locker room, you don’t see the practices, you don’t see the meeting rooms and how that relationship is between he and his teammates. And maybe I see things differently just because I played and have been in those locker rooms, but I see something. It’s one thing to be liked and loved and rallied around, and it’s another thing to win games and he’s proven he can do both.”

The NFL Hall of Famer went on to hone in on how the coach and quarterback seem to be in sync.

“Jordan looked awesome, so you know the potential is definitely there…To me, LaFleur and Jordan there was an ebb and flow, like I’m sure LaFleur probably on the plane back was thinking to himself up there “that was clicking, it was just pick one from the rolodex and Jordan will make it work.” Because everything that they ran, if it wasn’t completed, it could have been and could have been a big play and no situation was too big for him [Thursday]”

Favre also spoke on the renewed enthusiasm around the team.

“I guess the best way I can put it, is before yesterday’s game the remaining games at Lambeau, people would have been, I don’t want to say eager, but more willing to “hey you want to go see the Packers play, I’ll give you four tickets, we’re going on vacation. Now That’s the best way to put in now that people are going to ‘I’m gonna bypass hunting, I’m going to go watch them play,’ The reset button has been pressed.”

The Thanksgiving win over Detroit was certainly the jolt of energy that the Packers organization needed. For those like Favre, who have had belief that this thing would eventually come together, it is a welcomed moment. Green Bay is once again filled with enthusiasm and hope.

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