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Rich Eisen Jumps On Green Bay Packers’ Playoff Bandwagon

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What a difference a couple games can make.

A few weeks ago the Packers were “one of the worst teams in football,” Jordan Love was a “disaster,” and the team needed to consider tanking for a high end quarterback in the draft. Now after their big win on Thanksgiving, the football world has once again started to fall in love with Green Bay.

Rich Eisen, who has always erred on the side of patience with this young Green Bay team, used his show on Tuesday to both revel in his take from earlier in the year as well as hop firmly on the Packers playoff bandwagon.

“Remember late October, the Packers are 2-4, they lose the Denver and I’m like preaching patience. ‘R-e-l-a-x’ I actually said that into this microphone.”Eisen said on The Rich Eisen Show on the Roku Channel. “Everybody is out there like Jordan Love stinks. They already evaluated at six games and he stinks…well look at them now from 2-4 to 5-6…”

“You take a look at the wildcard race, and if they are getting after the quarterback like they have been, and the quarterback has been playing lights out and young receivers that last year were just to green for the quarterback in Green Bay…they are connected in the pass  game right now!”

After sorting through the Packers upcoming schedule versus that of the Seahawks and their division mate, the Minnesota Vikings Eisen showed how he saw it all being possible.

“Even if they’re 5-7, they can go on a nice run finish 9-8, which could be a wildcard in the NFC right now for sure. 10-7 if they make a huge run. Would Lafleur get coach of the year then? It would be impressive and it’s possible. This is not out of the realm right now.”

And it’s not just take media members who feel validated in old takes that are climbing aboard the Packers train. Even noted Packers detractor, Colin Cowherd, has started to reverse course on his harsh Jordan Love and Green Bay’s approach opinions.

“I think you’re seeing a more confident kid who clearly sees the field more. Cowherd said on his Fox sports show The Herd. “Everybody thinks I hated Jorda Love. I said I don’t see it but at least Green Bay has a history, unlike the Bears, of being an offensive culture, those young receivers are excellent, Musgrave is goin to be fantastic at tight end. Green Bay gives Jordan Love a much better chance to succeed than New England does Mac Jones, Pittsburgh does Kenny Pickett, or Chicago does Justin Fields because their history in Green Bay. They draft offense well, they develop it well, they’ve had three straight offensive coaches. So whether or not Jordan Love is great, Green Bay best of giving a young quarterback  a chance  to succeed.”

After the big win against Detroit Cowherd has moved past his belief that Love is a back up, and is now seemingly giving he and the organization the credit they currently deserve.

For the first time in quite some time, things are fun again in Green Bay. After a rough start to this year and a tumultuous season in 2022, youth and progress have taken a hold of Packers nation and are starting to send it in the right direction. Whether those winds will carry them to the playoffs like Eisen thinks is yet to be seen. But for the time being, things seem to have genuinely turned a corner for the Packers.

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