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Who Cares What Rob Gronkowski Says About Aaron Rodgers

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Hey guys, in case you’re wondering, the guy who is famous for acting stupid weighed in on Aaron Rodgers.

That’s right, people are acting like Rob Gronkowski having an opinion on something Aaron Rodgers said matters. You know the former host of Nickelodeon’s Crashletes. You know the guy who is the center of a giant commercial campaign, where the whole premise is that he can’t comprehend an insurance company being for military families. Yeah after a quote of Rodgers’ about playing at an MVP level was taken out of context Gronk weighed in saying: “Why are you thinking MVP? It should be Super Bowls.”

I’m not gonna say that Gronk for sure didn’t watch the entire Pat McAfee Show interview, but I’m probably willing to bet every dollar I’ve have that he didn’t.

I’m sure he missed the fact that just moments before that quote Rodgers said the only reason to ever come back is to chase a championship. I’m sure he missed the fact that this quote was teed up by McAfee asking him if he could still play at a high-level. But hey why do the work when you can just say something stupid that everyone can retweet.

Famous people commenting on Aaron Rodgers may have officially jumped the shark. Anyone who knows Aaron Rodgers knows he’s driven by winning. Pretending like the greatest quarterbacks of all time don’t also care about their level of play is insane. In fact, acting like those two things aren’t directly connected is very dumb. Almost as dumb as the way Gronk acts to earn money. I promise if somebody asked Tom Brady the exact same question he would reply in a very similar way.

Watch this whole clip from The Pat McAfee Show to see it explained from their side.

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