The Reintegration of Karl with a K

  1. The boys are back in town- make sure to get your Chastity Belts.
  2. Real stupid news covers Karl Malone, NBA App, Ant’s shoes, and best buyouts so far.
  3. Then Chelanga goes on a diatribe condemning the Timberwolves front office moves.


How Can the Wolves Make Us Unsee What We’ve Seen?
By Tom Schreier - Apr 19, 2024
Grayson Allen Must Be Stopped At All Costs
By Phil Ford - Apr 19, 2024

The Wolves Need Their Complementary Players At Their Best In Round 1

In a three-game season series against the Phoenix Suns, the Minnesota Timberwolves struggled to get anything going offensively or defensively. The Suns affected Minnesota’s flow, forcing them […]

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