The Reintegration of Karl with a K

  1. The boys are back in town- make sure to get your Chastity Belts.
  2. Real stupid news covers Karl Malone, NBA App, Ant’s shoes, and best buyouts so far.
  3. Then Chelanga goes on a diatribe condemning the Timberwolves front office moves.


Who Has To Step Up In Ant’s Absence?
By Charlie Walton - Mar 20, 2023
Be Like Mike
By Tom Schreier - Mar 19, 2023

Insider Calls Rudy Gobert's Contract Top-5 Worst In the NBA

Bill Simmons had Wosny Lambre and his buddy Joe House on his latest podcast to draft the worst NBA contracts. Naturally, players like Ben Simmons, Bradley Beal, […]

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