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How Does Jordan Morgan Fit Into Matt LaFleur’s “Best Five”?

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The Green Bay Packers broke a long-standing streak when they selected Jordan Morgan, a tackle from the University of Arizona, with the 25th-overall pick in the 2024 NFL draft. It marked the first time since 2011, way back when Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger” was burning up the Billboard charts, that the Packers used a first-round pick on an offensive lineman.

Since 2022, Morgan has allowed three sacks and 31 QB pressures over 880 pass-blocking snaps. He started 37 games at left tackle in 2023, faced 477 pass-block snaps, and yielded just 14 pressures. He amassed 2,404 snaps at Arizona, with 2,392 at the left tackle position.

In the post-draft press conference, Matt LaFleur revealed that Morgan would begin his career at left tackle. However, LaFleur emphasized that Morgan’s ultimate position would be determined by the imperative of fielding the “best five” players on the offensive line.

Only one position in the offensive line has a guaranteed starter for 2024: Elgton Jenkins at left guard. Meanwhile, Zach Tom‘s role remains shrouded in mystery, with rumors swirling that Green Bay envisions him as a potential Hall of Fame center.

Adam Stenavich weighed in on Jenkins and Tom’s potential positional shifts on Monday. “I think Elgton’s best position is guard or center,” Stenavich stated, “and then Zach seems pretty good on the edge at right tackle.” So, it seems that the Packers will start the season with Tom as a tackle.

Despite Rasheed Walker‘s proficiency as a serviceable tackle, the Packers remained steadfast in their commitment to fortifying their offensive line early in the draft. Brian Gutekunst’s draft strategy has consistently prioritized premium position players since his tenure began with the Packers in 2018. Green Bay may envision Morgan as the future at left tackle. Consequently, Walker would likely transition to swing tackle, given that he has no prior experience of playing inside in the NFL.


If LaFleur is committed to fielding the best five players, he will probably integrate Walker into the lineup. To accommodate this, the Packers might consider moving Walker to right tackle, with Morgan assuming the left tackle position. In this scenario, Tom could transition to center, while Myers’ role could shift to guard, although his placement remains uncertain.

Despite Morgan’s shorter arms than the average NFL tackle, Green Bay has a notable precedent of starting tackles with similar physical attributes. Bryan Bulaga fit this category and emerged as an above-average tackle for the Packers throughout the 2010s.

Should Morgan transition to an interior position, his most logical role would be right guard, given the uncertainties surrounding that position heading into the 2024 season. However, if Tom shifts to center, it’s fair to question where Josh Myers fits into the lineup. Additionally, how much will Sean Rhyan develop as a pass blocker? Amidst these uncertainties, one thing remains practically guaranteed: Morgan would be a starter at guard from Day 1.

While Morgan is more likely to assume a tackle position for the Packers, we cannot dismiss the possibility of him playing inside. Stenavich emphasized this uncertainty during Monday’s statements, noting that Green Bay is still assessing where Morgan can make the most significant impact on the team. “I wouldn’t say he’s a tackle,” Stenavich remarked. “I wouldn’t say he’s a guard…. I just wanna see where he fits best for us.”

Regardless of where Morgan ultimately lands within the lineup, his skillset positions him to make an immediate impact. Boasting impressive physicality and lower body strength, Morgan possesses the foundation necessary to excel professionally. While his shorter arms may prompt occasional overcompensation, these flaws are deemed manageable and correctable in the transition to the NFL.

Luke Butkus and Adam Stenavich have earned commendable reputations for their prowess in developing offensive line talent. If Morgan is to evolve into an elite starter, he’s undoubtedly in the right environment to make that leap.

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