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Jordan Love Goes On Record With Big Expectations For 2024

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There have been very few, if any, players in NFL history who were more fun to watch than Brett Favre. Aaron Rodgers is arguably the most talented quarterback to ever step on a field. Given these riches, it seemed impossible to imagine that Green Bay would somehow be in a position to have quarterback momentum building in a similar way for a third consecutive time. Yet here we are with Jordan Love.

Love has ridden a late season surge into an off-season where the Packers are improving and continuing to put themselves in a position to shake up the league. The team is ready to compete on a serious level and the young quarterback knows it.

Appearing on The Pivot Podcast with Ryan Clark, Love put the league on notice about his expectations for 2024.

“The organization believes it’s a perfect time to have a chance to win a Super Bowl this year.” Love told the cast. “Those conversations we had after that 49ers game were man like, work harder, try and find ways to get better — because next year we’re gonna do it.”

The entire interview is excellent. The level of likability and charisma that Love displays is off the charts. From his struggle overcoming the loss of his father and how his mother helped him honor him by continuing to play to confidently rehashing the team’s destruction of the Dallas Cowboys in the playoffs every minute is a worthwhile watch.

There are those that like to brand the Green Bay Packers organization as lucky when it comes to it’s quarterbacks, but as former team executive Andrew Brandt recently reminded a fan on X/twitter, the Packers success is less about luck and more about intentionality of process.

While most of the rest of the league is desperate to race rookie quarterbacks onto the field before they’re ready, Green Bay’s modern front office structure has always prioritized being in front of the decision. As difficult as it was to watch the Packers fail in Aaron Rodgers’ last few years, an argument can be made that if the players/coaches had risen to the occasion in championship games, the story could’ve been different. That’s no shot at those teams, but more just the reality of football. They had their chance and although they could’ve used an extra weapon via the draft I don’t think anyone now would trade that for the Packers current situation.

Brian Gutekunst is looking more and more vindicated by the day as his young team prepares to enter a championship window with talent all over the field. The next few years will be interesting for Green Bay. At some point the youngest roster in the league will need to get paid, but the team will have an excellent opportunity to win a title before that bill is due.

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