Green Bay Packers
A Rodgers Restructure Could Be a Dream Scenario For Green Bay
By Brandon Virk - Jan 26, 2023
The Green Bay Packers’ season has been officially over for a couple of weeks now, which means it’s time to get the ball rolling on the fanbase […]
Green Bay Packers
Gutekunst’s Failure At Safety Looms Large
By Brandon Virk - Jan 20, 2023
Of the 18 players that the Green Bay Packers have drafted in the first round since taking Aaron Rodgers in 2005, 15 have been defenders. The team […]
Green Bay Packers
The Packers’ Other Aaron Conundrum
By Brandon Virk - Jan 12, 2023
After an eliminated yet spirited Detroit Lions team unexpectedly ended the Green Bay Packers’ season last Sunday, Green Bay is now staring down a momentous offseason. They […]
Green Bay Packers
Even Without the Title, the Packers Are Proving They Still Own The North
By Brandon Virk - Jan 6, 2023
After the Philadelphia Eagles blew the Green Bay Packers out in Week 12, the NFL world was pretty sure that Jordan Love was in line to take […]
Green Bay Packers
Devonte Wyatt Is Crucial Down the Stretch
By Brandon Virk - Dec 29, 2022
Of the 18 first-round picks that the Green Bay Packers have made since selecting Aaron Rodgers back in 2005, 15 have come on the defensive side of […]
Green Bay Packers
Jaire Alexander Will Face His Toughest Task With Season On the Line
By Brandon Virk - Dec 25, 2022
All of a sudden, the Green Bay Packers are alive again. While they were never mathematically dead, it certainly felt like it over a 1-7 stretch from […]
Green Bay Packers
What Does Watson and Doubs’ Arrival Mean For Green Bay’s Ceiling?
By Brandon Virk - Dec 23, 2022
While the Green Packers’ late, improbable playoff push is bringing excitement to a season that has slid beneath expectations, many fans have expressed a sort of detachment […]
Green Bay Packers
A.J. Dillon Is Starting To Live Up To the Hype
By Brandon Virk - Dec 15, 2022
When the Green Bay Packers failed to bring in a big-name receiver following the Davante Adams trade, a lot of attention began to gather around their backfield […]
Green Bay Packers
We Still Know Next To Nothing About Jordan Love
By Brandon Virk - Dec 9, 2022
Earlier in the week, reporters asked Green Bay Packers GM Brian Gutekunst about Jordan Love’s fifth-year option. “I think from our end of it,” he said, “we’ve […]
Green Bay Packers
Rodgers Was Never Going to Pass Up A Chance To Beat the Team He Owns
By Brandon Virk - Dec 1, 2022
When Aaron Rodgers jogged to the locker room, down 11 late in the game against the NFC’s top team, it felt like the end of the season. […]
Green Bay Packers
Charting Green Bay’s Path To A Longshot Playoff Bid
By Brandon Virk - Nov 25, 2022
It’s only Week 12, but after a disastrous early-season stretch, we find ourselves struggling to chart a path for the Green Bay Packers to a playoff bid. […]
Green Bay Packers
The Packers Gave Themselves No Margin For Error
By Brandon Virk - Nov 20, 2022
Just for a minute, it really did look like Christian Watson was going to save Brian Gutekunst, at least in the eyes of frustrated fans. But after […]