Labels Minnesota’s Star Players Need To Shed Next Season
By Chelanga Langason - Sep 18, 2021
As human beings, we love to find ways to organize things in our brains. We look for patterns wherever we can. It’s a part of our nature,  […]
Patrick Beverley Is More Valuable Than the Average Lottery Pick
By Chelanga Langason - Sep 11, 2021
The only thing that Minnesota Timberwolves fans can think right now about is Ben Simmons. The prospect of adding Simmons to this roster has the fanbase at […]
Can Ant Make the Leap From Great Rookie To Great NBA Player?
By Chelanga Langason - Sep 3, 2021
Since the moment Anthony Edwards stepped on camera pre-draft, he’s been poised to be a star. For non-college basketball heads, our introduction to Ant was this video: […]
A Look Back At the Jarrett Culver Experience
By Chelanga Langason - Aug 21, 2021
Jarrett Culver is gone. He was a divisive player among the Timberwolves faithful. Some felt that his flashes were representative of the player he could be — […]
What’s Real in Summer League and What’s Not?
By Chelanga Langason - Aug 13, 2021
Las Vegas is the most bizarre place I’ve ever been. On one hand, it’s a paradise — a fertile oasis in the middle of the endless desert. […]
Are the Wolves Going to Bring Back Vanderbilt and J-Mac?
By Chelanga Langason - Jul 15, 2021
October 19, 2021. That is the day that Minnesota Timberwolves basketball returns. It seems like just yesterday I was lamenting over the doldrums of Wolves ball. The […]
What’s Going On With David Vanterpool?
By Chelanga Langason - Jul 1, 2021
I used to be a huge fan of roller coasters. I remember going to Valley Fair as a kid and trying to ride the Wild Thing as […]
Minnesota Fed Its Good Wolf and Transformed After the All-Star Break
By Chelanga Langason - May 17, 2021
There is a Cherokee tale about two wolves that live within us all; one that is evil, one that is good. The two wolves are at odds […]
Could Josh Okogie or Jarred Vanderbilt Be Starters Next Season?
By Chelanga Langason - May 10, 2021
The Minnesota Timberwolves are not tanking. On Sunday night, we got to see what a tanking team really looks like as the Wolves blew out the Orlando […]
A DLo Truther’s Manifesto
By Chelanga Langason - May 3, 2021
I am a Truthseeker. I like to debunk the lies that mainstream media has been feeding to NBA fans. I do my own research. Today, I come […]
How Does KAT Measure Up to Embiid, Jokic and the Best Bigs in the NBA?
By Chelanga Langason - Apr 26, 2021
The 17-44 Minnesota Timberwolves have 11 games left to play this season. It’s been frustrating, and at times miserable, but we are close to the finish line. […]
An Early Look At the KAT-DLo Returns
By Chelanga Langason - Apr 19, 2021
Oh, to be a Minnesota Timberwolves fan. Just as I set down my celebratory glass of champagne following the Wolves’ win against the Miami Heat, I found […]