CnD NBA SHOW: Giannis Is Cheugy and a 2018-2020 Triple-Redraft
By Dylan Carlson - Jul 13, 2021
Cheugy & Dingus contemplate real stupid news, the Finals; and they do a redraft. Real Stupid News [01:45] Finals talk [12:15] Rylan Stiles Roast [20:30] MEGA Redraft […]
CnD NBA SHOW: Rachel Nichols and Zone Coverage Draft Expert Jonah Maves
By Dylan Carlson - Jul 6, 2021
Che & Dyl cover the Rachel Nichols debacle before diving into the lottery draft candidates with Jman. Che & Dyl talk Rachel Nichols Real Stupid News Jonah’s […]
CnD NBA SHOW: Vanterpool, Wolves Ownership, and Chauncey
By Dylan Carlson - Jul 2, 2021
Dyl & Che recap some stupid news and then talk playoffs. Wolves Ownership Love Triangle [06:45] New Coaches: Kidd, Carlisle, and Chauncey [08:45] Scottie Pippen Sports Media […]
CnD NBA SHOW: Ben Simmons Trade Machine
By Dylan Carlson - Jun 29, 2021
Che & Dyl pick the best destination for Ben Simmons. Spoiler alert- we do not agree! Gen Z fans [00:15] Ben Simmons Trades [13:30]
CnD NBA SHOW: Conference Finals and franchise savior @twolves.country
By Dylan Carlson - Jun 24, 2021
Che & Dyl discuss conference finals before thanking @twolves.country for saving our franchise. Alex CaRasta Man [03:00] Ben Simmons [05:00] Suns/Clippers reacts [06:15] USA Basketball Select Team […]
CnD NBA SHOW: Ant would be less cool if he had won ROY
By Dylan Carlson - Jun 17, 2021
Che & Dyl discuss the wild news day. CP3 [01:00] ROY [05:30] Mavs [07:30] Shoutout @CountryTwolves for saving the franchise! [10:45] Juneteenth has been officially appropriated [15:00] […]
CnD NBA SHOW: Round 2 and @posterboyjosh
By Dylan Carlson - Jun 11, 2021
Che & Dyl talk RSN and round 2 before welcoming on Josh who kindly reached out on Twitter. Real Stupid News [02:15] Round 2 Outlooks [12:45] @posterboyjosh […]
By Dylan Carlson - Jun 9, 2021
Che & Dyl finally go through their awards for the season! General Awards in their limo on the way to Target Center [00:00] The PUPPYS presented by […]
CnD NBA SHOW: Round 1 Outlooks, @NBA_Rudy, and Dame Time.
By Dylan Carlson - Jun 2, 2021
Che & Dyl talk mostly not about the Timberwolves this time. Wolves Talk [00:30] LogoGate and Fan Conduct [05:00] Bucks bring brooms, 6ers/Wiz, Hawks/Knicks, Mavs/Clips [10:30] Rudy […]
CnD NBA SHOW: LeBron Protocols, Midseason Tournaments, and more!
By Dylan Carlson - May 24, 2021
Che & Dyl come to you right after the Lakers-Suns game and talk Real Stupid News. LeBrordan Rules [1:00] Coaches’ Protocols [11:45] Scoot Henderson [12:45] Overtime Elite […]
How Can the Wolves Improve This Offseason If They Lose Their Pick?
By Dylan Carlson - May 21, 2021
Now that this painful season has mercifully ended, the Minnesota Timberwolves must build upon their late-season surge. Unfortunately, there aren’t many options to improve this club, which […]
CnD NBA SHOW: All-NBA 2021 and Jman @Huncho_Jman
By Dylan Carlson - May 17, 2021
Che & Dyl break down some real stupid news, their All-NBA teams and then talk to Jman about the Wolves. Real Stupid News [1:30] All NBA Teams […]