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The Anatomy of the Wild’s Six-Game Winning Streak
By Drew Cove - Mar 3, 2021
After multiple members of the Minnesota Wild tested positive for COVID-19 and a handful more ended up on the protocol list, it would have been understandable if […]
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Goalies Never Figured Out Mikko Koivu’s Shootout Move
By Drew Cove - Feb 15, 2021
Minnesota Wild fans saw him take 107 of these shots. With a success rate of less than 40 percent, it’s a wonder anyone got so excited anytime […]
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The Wild Have Everything to Gain From Players With Nothing to Lose
By Drew Cove - Feb 3, 2021
If the Minnesota Wild struggled to get wins at full-strength against their lowly California opponents this season, getting blown out 5-1 the first time they played one […]
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Hold Your Evaluation of the Wild Until They Play Better Teams
By Drew Cove - Jan 26, 2021
Don’t look away too soon, but the Minnesota Wild are in second place in the West Division. Their penchant for comebacks, the quick emergence of Kirill Kaprizov, […]
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Don’t Freak Out If Kaprizov Cools Off At Some Point
By Drew Cove - Jan 19, 2021
It’s no secret that first-year Minnesota Wild star Kirill Kaprizov has made a good first impression on fans of the team and the NHL at large. The […]
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Don’t Worry If the Wild Get Off To a Slow Start This Year
By Drew Cove - Jan 12, 2021
Don’t know what to expect when thinking about the Minnesota Wild’s upcoming season? Good news! Most people are in that same boat. With the season starting on […]
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Marcus Johansson Should Not Be the Wild’s No. 1 Center
By Drew Cove - Dec 23, 2020
The Minnesota Wild are in an interesting position down the middle this season. While some might call it depth, others might go call it a severe lack […]
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Don’t Sleep On the Wild’s Center Depth
By Drew Cove - Dec 16, 2020
Take any year the Minnesota Wild have existed, try and find a true No. 1 center on the roster. Actually, don’t, because they haven’t had one. The […]
Somehow the Gophers Maintained Their Momentum From Last Season
By Drew Cove - Dec 11, 2020
Gophers hockey is back and looks more dominant than it has in nearly 20 years. A series victory over Notre Dame in the first round of the […]
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3 Overhyped Minnesota Wild Free-Agent Signings
By Drew Cove - Dec 7, 2020
The Minnesota Wild have had their fair share of hyped prospects over the years only to be left disappointed with many of them. But they’ve also dabbled […]
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3 Fan-Favorite Players We Thought Were Going to Be Better
By Drew Cove - Dec 1, 2020
The Minnesota Wild have had hyped players. Marian Gaborik played right away, becoming the franchise’s most electric player. Mikael Granlund was the Ricky Rubio in waiting — a […]
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The Wild Prospects Who Got Away
By Drew Cove - Nov 24, 2020
Continuing the series in honor of the Wild’s 20th season, this week’s look at Minnesota Wild players past and present comes with some missed opportunities. Last week, […]