Kirk Cousins Wasn’t Culpable in the Vikings Close Game Against the Bears
By Derrik Klassen - Nov 17, 2020
Monday night’s game ended with a 19-13 final score after a fourth-quarter touchdown that put the Minnesota Vikings ahead. By all accounts it was a close game […]
Why Kirk Cousins Kept Throwing to His Right Against Detroit
By Derrik Klassen - Nov 9, 2020
Make it two weeks in a row where quarterback Kirk Cousins does not need to be anything but a play-action robot and checkdown dispenser. From a pure […]
Less Was More For Kirk Cousins Against the Packers
By Derrik Klassen - Nov 2, 2020
Kirk Cousins played his best game of the year on Sunday. “Played” might be an exaggeration of what Cousins had to do, though. By the end of […]
Deep Dive on Kirk Cousins’ First Half Meltdown Against the Falcons
By Derrik Klassen - Oct 19, 2020
My send-off for last week’s Kirk Cousins deep dive was: “At least the Vikings now get a pseudo-bye week against the Atlanta Falcons followed by a legit […]
Why Didn’t Kirk Cousins Throw Deep More Against Seattle?
By Derrik Klassen - Oct 12, 2020
It feels as though every Kirk Cousins performance this season has been some form of extreme, whether that was necessarily his fault or not. Think about the […]
Play-Action Was the Key to Kirk Cousins’ Stellar Week 4 Performance
By Derrik Klassen - Oct 5, 2020
Week 3’s loss against the Titans provided a glimmer of hope from Kirk Cousins. Despite the two interceptions on the stat sheet, Cousins played a mostly impressive […]
Kirk Cousins’ Week 3 Performance Offers a Sliver of Hope
By Derrik Klassen - Sep 28, 2020
Every week this season is a new adventure through a forest of pain and misfortune. Mind-numbing interceptions, getting almost entirely choked out of time of possession, a […]
Kirk Cousins Simply Was Not Accurate Against the Indianapolis Colts
By Derrik Klassen - Sep 21, 2020
The Indianapolis Colts allowed Jaguars quarterback Gardner Minshew to complete 95% of his passes and coast to an easy win in Week 1. They were giving up […]
Breaking Down Kirk Cousins’ Perplexing Performance Against Green Bay
By Derrik Klassen - Sep 14, 2020
Usually when you look at Kirk Cousins‘ box score after a game, you know exactly how he played, for better or worse. For that reason, though, his […]
Film Breakdown: The Screen Game Could Unlock the Minnesota Vikings Offense in Week 1
By Derrik Klassen - Sep 10, 2020
A couple weeks ago, we looked into Kirk Cousins and the Minnesota Vikings’ offensive collapse in their two games against the Green Bay Packers last season. Each […]
Film Breakdown: What Bisi Johnson Brings to the Vikings Offense in Year 2
By Derrik Klassen - Sep 3, 2020
254 players were selected in the 2019 NFL Draft, but only seven were drafted after Colorado State wide receiver Olabisi Johnson — and one of them was […]
Film Breakdown: What Went Wrong For Kirk Cousins in the 2019 Border Battle Games
By Derrik Klassen - Aug 27, 2020
Last week, we kicked off a two-part series examining how two offenses from the same coaching tree produced vastly different results when their teams faced off last […]