What Does Ant Need To Do To Be More “Clutch”?
By Hunter Phillips - Jan 27, 2023
The NBA defines clutch time as the last five minutes of the fourth quarter, so long as that game is within five points. The clutch has brought […]
The Wolves Can’t Trade DLo Right Now
By Hunter Phillips - Jan 14, 2023
D’Angelo Russell’s career has been defined by instability. Russell began his career with the Los Angeles Lakers but found himself lacing up for the Brooklyn Nets after […]
The Wolves May Need To Reel Nowell In A Bit
By Hunter Phillips - Jan 1, 2023
One of my strongest beliefs over the off-season was that Jaylen Nowell would play a huge role in the Minnesota Timberwolves’ season. He even looked like a […]
The Stretch That Could Have Ended Minnesota’s Season May Have Saved It
By Hunter Phillips - Dec 25, 2022
Nov. 28, 2022, could have been the worst day of the year for the Minnesota Timberwolves. Kristaps Porzingis and the Washington Wizards poured it on in a […]
Why Has Chris Finch Become A Scapegoat This Year?
By Hunter Phillips - Dec 18, 2022
Last year’s Minnesota Timberwolves were a fun team. They had success under second-year head coach Chris Finch that the franchise hadn’t achieved since the Kevin Garnett days. […]
Luka Garza Isn’t Ready Yet
By Hunter Phillips - Dec 10, 2022
Luka Garza had a special collegiate career. As an Iowa Hawkeye, Garza averaged 24.0 points, 9.0 rebounds, and 2.0 assists in his senior season. His trophy room […]
It’s Time For Ant To Take Control
By Hunter Phillips - Dec 4, 2022
It seems like a promising young player takes a third-year leap every year. Ja Morant, the most recent case, made huge strides last year, jumping up nearly […]
Is Towns Starting To Dial Back His “Stray Voltage?”
By Hunter Phillips - Nov 27, 2022
Karl-Anthony Towns and the Minnesota Timberwolves rarely get national attention, especially in the early years of his career. But they’ve gotten their fair share of airtime after […]
How Much Can Chris Finch Lean On JMac?
By Hunter Phillips - Nov 13, 2022
Chris Finch had to know he’d face his fair share of adversity when he took the Minnesota Timberwolves job two years ago, but he’s been up to […]
Minnesota’s Early Schedule Was A Trojan Horse
By Hunter Phillips - Nov 6, 2022
The Minnesota Timberwolves have gotten off to a 5-5 start, which is disappointing given how easy their October schedule looked. However, a little context is warranted here. […]
Hero Ball Will Always Nullify Gobert Offensively
By Hunter Phillips - Oct 29, 2022
In a league as talented as today’s NBA, it’s easy to get lost in the highlight plays. High-flying dunks, logo threes, and ankle breakers will leave fans […]
It May Take Time For Ant To Live Up To His Defensive Ambitions
By Hunter Phillips - Oct 22, 2022
A couple of weeks ago, Anthony Edwards established he’s shooting for an All-NBA nomination. To do that, Edwards is gonna have to defend the opposing team’s best […]