Don’t Overlook Rudy Gobert’s Interior Presence On Offense
By Jonah Maves - Sep 22, 2022
Rudy Gobert will help the Minnesota Timberwolves significantly on the defensive interior. But people are overlooking his ability to help them on the offensive interior. A key […]
Stints With the Iowa Wolves Will Benefit Wendell Moore Jr.
By Jonah Maves - Sep 15, 2022
Wendell Moore Jr. does not have a direct path to playing time with the Minnesota Timberwolves this year, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be a part […]
Don’t Overreact To Rudy Gobert’s EuroBasket Performance
By Jonah Maves - Sep 7, 2022
We finally have some Rudy Gobert film after the big trade. The only downside? It’s from his play at EuroBasket 2022 and not in a Minnesota Timberwolves […]
How the Wolves Can Take Advantage Of An Easy October Schedule
By Jonah Maves - Aug 25, 2022
Ever since the Minnesota Timberwolves acquired Rudy Gobert, everyone across the NBA has been attempting to figure out how he would fit. Turnover is normal for any […]
Wolves Fans Should Be Excited About Michael Grady
By Jonah Maves - Aug 19, 2022
The Wolves finally found their new play-by-play announcer. Yesterday, they announced Michael Grady will join Jim Peterson on the Bally Sports North broadcast, replacing Dave Benz. Grady […]
Minnesota’s Offseason Set Them Up To Play Positionless Basketball
By Jonah Maves - Aug 18, 2022
The Minnesota Timberwolves’ trade for Rudy Gobert to pair with Karl-Anthony Towns coming off an All-Star third-team season has generated plenty of intrigue. Pairing two 7-footers together […]
How the Pressure To Succeed Could Benefit the Wolves
By Jonah Maves - Aug 11, 2022
Going into this upcoming season, the Minnesota Timberwolves find themselves in a position they have not been familiar with in a long time. They have the opportunity […]
What Should We Anticipate the Wolves Rotation To Look Like Next Year
By Jonah Maves - Aug 4, 2022
The Minnesota Timberwolves have finally assembled their 15-man roster and filled both two-way slots as the beginning of the season nears. Returning nine players from this last […]
Retaining Nathan Knight Reveals Something About Connelly’s Methodology
By Jonah Maves - Jul 28, 2022
The Minnesota Timberwolves found themselves in another interesting situation following the Rudy Gobert trade. They had to fill out the remaining roster spots left by Patrick Beverley, […]
Jaylen Nowell Can Offer More Than Malik Beasley Did Last Year
By Jonah Maves - Jul 21, 2022
If anyone on the Minnesota Timberwolves has room to grow into their future role, it’s fourth-year guard Jaylen Nowell. Even before the Rudy Gobert trade where Tim […]
McDaniels Is Going To Have To Be More Disciplined Following the Gobert Trade
By Jonah Maves - Jul 14, 2022
The Minnesota Timberwolves have had a lot of chaos over the last month, but the Wolves can maintain a sense of normalcy by continuing to develop their […]
Rudy Gobert Will Give D’Angelo Russell Room To Grow
By Jonah Maves - Jul 7, 2022
The playoffs were not kind to D’Angelo Russell. The Memphis Grizzlies often made him a facilitator first, and when he had to get up shots, they were […]