Insider Calls Rudy Gobert’s Contract Top-5 Worst In the NBA
By Joe Rogers - Mar 18, 2023
Bill Simmons had Wosny Lambre and his buddy Joe House on his latest podcast to draft the worst NBA contracts. Naturally, players like Ben Simmons, Bradley Beal, […]
Insider Says Anthony Edwards Could Sneak Onto All-NBA Team
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Insider Doesn’t See Fit For KAT When He Returns
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Bill Simmons Admits He Was Wrong About Jaden McDaniels
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NBA Insider Says Walker Kessler Would Be A Top-5 Pick In A Redraft
By Joe Rogers - Mar 1, 2023
By now, you’ve heard everyone’s opinion on the Rudy Gobert trade. It’s been widely panned in the national media, and many fans are concerned about its long-term […]
Russillo Perfectly Explains the Anthony Edwards All-Star Snub
By Joe Rogers - Feb 4, 2023
Ryen Russillo came in hot on his latest podcast in an effort to debunk the idea that there are so many All-Star snubs. He was making an […]
NBA Insider Has the Perfect Landing Spot For D’Angelo Russell
By Joe Rogers - Feb 3, 2023
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Insider Sounds the Alarm About Ant’s Future In Minnesota
By Joe Rogers - Feb 2, 2023
Ryen Russillo went long on Anthony Edwards on his latest podcast. He started by discussing Edwards in his intro and didn’t hold back. He’s worried about Edwards’ […]
The End Of Wolves-Raptors Exposed A Weird Quirk In the NBA Rules
By Joe Rogers - Jan 20, 2023
The Minnesota Timberwolves endured the longest 0.4 seconds in the history of time before beating the Toronto Raptors, 128-126, at Target Center on Thursday night. Toronto led […]
Insiders Debate KAT’s Place Among NBA Stars
By Joe Rogers - Jan 12, 2023
Ryen Russillo had The Ringer’s Kevin O’Connor on his latest podcast to discuss all things NBA. At one point, they played a game of “would you rather” […]
Russillo Rips DLo Trade Market
By Joe Rogers - Jan 7, 2023
Ryen Russillo touched on the Minnesota Timberwolves in the opening monologue of his most recent podcast, raising serious concerns about their roster construction. He’s a big believer […]
Insider Suggests Monster 3-Way Deal For DLo
By Joe Rogers - Dec 31, 2022
Bill Simmons had The Ringer’s Wosny Lambre on his latest podcast to talk about NBA happenings around the league. They took a second to pause on the […]