Simmons and Russillo (Carefully) Compare Ant To MJ
By Joe Rogers - Feb 26, 2024
Ryen Russillo joined Bill Simmons on his latest podcast to discuss the NBA’s must-see stars and “trickiest” playoff teams before offering their hottest take. Simmons and Russillo […]
Bill Simmons Has Had A Change Of Heart On the Gobert Trade
By Joe Rogers - Feb 7, 2024
Twenty-four hours before the NBA Trade Deadline, Bill Simmons released a podcast ranking his top 75 players in the NBA based on trade value. Jaden McDaniels barely […]
Russillo Doesn’t Believe the Wolves Are A True No. 1 Seed
By Joe Rogers - Feb 6, 2024
Ryen Russillo went deep on the Minnesota Timberwolves in his opening rant on his latest podcast. He was complimentary of the season Minnesota is having. He just […]
ESPN Insider Proposes Kyle Anderson Trade
By Joe Rogers - Jan 18, 2024
Kevin Pelton has an ESPN+ piece($) looking what what every NBA contender needs at the trade deadline. First, let’s stop and acknowledge that Pelton recognizes the Minnesota […]
Doc Rivers Says the Wolves Beat Themselves In the Playoffs Last Year
By Joe Rogers - Jan 11, 2024
Bill Simmons had Doc Rivers on his Wednesday podcast to discuss the state of the NBA. Simmons asked Rivers what’s going on with the Phoenix Suns and […]
Doc Rivers Says the Warriors “Annointed” the Wolves In November
By Joe Rogers - Dec 12, 2023
Bill Simmons had Doc Rivers on his most recent podcast, and they were full of praise for the Minnesota Timberwolves. They discussed how the Wolves were ahead […]
Russillo and Windhorst Make the Perfect KAT Comparison
By Joe Rogers - Dec 9, 2023
Ryen Russillo had Brian Windhorst on his latest podcast to break down the NBA’s in-season tournament and happenings around the league. Russillo brought up Zion Williamson and […]
MLB Insider Says the Twins Should Extend Julien and Lewis Immediately
By Joe Rogers - Nov 23, 2023
ESPN insider David Schoenfield acknowledged that the Minnesota Twins’ decision to trim payroll from $156 million to $125-150 million this season will limit what they can do […]
3 Insiders Debate Whether the Wolves Are Contenders This Year
By Joe Rogers - Nov 11, 2023
Bill Simmons had Ringer writers Howard Beck and Michael Pina on his Friday podcast to talk about how the NBA is moving off the Big 3 model […]
Bill Simmons Sounds Like He’s Buying Into the Timberwolves
By Joe Rogers - Nov 3, 2023
Bill Simmons had his buddy Joe House and Ringer writer J. Kyle Mann on his Friday podcast to play a game of ‘Too Soon.’ They started with […]
Minnesota Was Bill Simmons’ Favorite Damian Lillard Destination
By Joe Rogers - Sep 27, 2023
Before the Portland Trail Blazers traded Damian Lillard to the Milwaukee Bucks, Wosny Lambre joined Bill Simmons to talk Lilliard trade rumors. After suggesting that the Toronto […]
Austin Rivers Says He Was Counting On Returning To Minnesota
By Joe Rogers - Sep 20, 2023
Austin Rivers joined Bill Simmons on his Wednesday podcast to discuss being a veteran in the NBA. Rivers has a podcast on The Ringer’s network and is […]