Week 3 Will Reveal Who’s Who In the NFC North
By Matt Johnson - Sep 23, 2021
Do you still think the Minnesota Vikings are better than their record indicates? Is Aaron Rodgers washed? Should Justin Fields start? How many kneecaps will the Detroit […]
What If the Vikings Are Actually the Best Team In the North?
By Matt Johnson - Sep 16, 2021
Why don’t you take a minute and Google the NFC North standings? You’ll see the Minnesota Vikings on top and the Green Bay Packers at the bottom. […]
Brian O’Neill’s Contract Should Eventually Become a Steal
By Matt Johnson - Sep 9, 2021
Until Brian O’Neill received his $92.5 million contract extension, rookie Christian Darrisaw was the highest-paid offensive lineman on the Minnesota Vikings. Darrisaw hasn’t even taken a preseason […]
Josh McCown Is Right About Kirk Cousins
By Matt Johnson - Sep 3, 2021
Kirk Cousins has been criticized for his play his entire career — not to mention his corny demeanor in post-game pressers, Mic’d Up segments, and commercials. While […]
The Everson Effect
By Matt Johnson - Aug 27, 2021
Bringing back the Sack Daddy is one of the best Minnesota Vikings homecoming moments I can remember. I was a little too young to fully appreciate Randy […]
The Colts Game Officially Revealed the Cornerback Pecking Order
By Matt Johnson - Aug 22, 2021
The Minnesota Vikings were dreadfully low on quality cornerbacks last season, but now it seems like they have more than they know what to do with. While […]
The Tables Have Turned On the Vikings In One Week
By Matt Johnson - Aug 6, 2021
Ignorance is bliss, as they say. Just two weeks ago, Minnesota Vikings fans were in a state of nirvana. It seemed Aaron Rodgers was going to demand […]
Jaylen Twyman Has Already Been Through the Wringer
By Matt Johnson - Jul 31, 2021
For a sixth-round draft pick, there’s a lot of attention on Jaylen Twyman right now. There’s no simple explanation for this, and it’s not just because he […]
This Is the Year To Draft Your Favorite Vikings Players In Fantasy
By Matt Johnson - Jul 22, 2021
Are you the kind of person who always drafts players from your favorite team? Or do you completely disregard them in hopes that some other sap reaches […]
How Are People Still Sleeping On Minnesota’s Offense?
By Matt Johnson - Jul 17, 2021
There’s no question that the Minnesota Vikings’ offense was the strength of their team last year. So national pundits and fans are focused on the defense right […]
What Are the Experts Saying About Minnesota’s Chances Next Year?
By Matt Johnson - Jul 8, 2021
I have to admit, I get a lot of fulfillment in my Minnesota Vikings fandom from reading so-called experts’ takes on my favorite team. Sure, most are […]
Is Mike Zimmer Starting To Trust His Rookies?
By Matt Johnson - Jul 1, 2021
In the early years of the Mike Zimmer era, his reluctance to play rookies was a recurring storyline. It was especially egregious for late-rounders, but it was […]