Would You Rather: Aaron Rodgers vs. Danielle Hunter
By Matt Johnson - Jun 10, 2021
The Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings are currently the favorites in the NFC North, according to Las Vegas. But both franchises are also currently in the […]
Zimmer’s Defense is Primed For Odd Year Success
By Matt Johnson - Jun 3, 2021
Have you heard the fabled tale of Mike Zimmer’s odd-numbered years? Well, legend has it that every odd year, Zimmer exceeds expectations, and every even year, Zimmer’s […]
The Vikings Are Younger Than You Think They Are
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While the Minnesota Vikings have a core of veterans nearing or over 30, a young group of players is looking to step in and take their place. […]
How Can Mike Zimmer Be So Confident in His Corners?
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Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer seems to have a lot of confidence in the secondary after trading away first-round cornerback Mike Hughes for next to nothing. […]
Wyatt Davis Makes the Guard Position the Most Intriguing Camp Battle
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Adding Ohio State guard Wyatt Davis in the draft fills the Minnesota Vikings’ most significant need going into next season. Suddenly, a spot where the Vikings had […]
Is Minnesota’s Offensive Line Finally Complete?
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The Minnesota Vikings entered the draft intending to fill out the offensive line. That much was obvious. But does that mean it is in its final form […]
3 Draft Failures the Vikings Need to Avoid
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With the 14th pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, the Minnesota Vikings select…hopefully not a bust. Whether they trade up, down or pick the perfect prospect to […]
Minnesota Should Follow Cleveland and Tennessee’s O-Line Models
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The Minnesota Vikings’ offensive line has let down the rest of the offense for years now. PFF ranked the Vikings’ offensive line 26th in the NFL last […]
Would the Vikings Really Draft Another Corner in the First Round?
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Why Haven’t the Vikings Built Their Offense Like Their Defense?
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Over the past few seasons Mike Zimmer has been on the hot seat, but there has always been an excuse for why the team didn’t meet or […]
It’s Not Too Late For the Vikings to Add Another Free Agent
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If you’re anything like me, no matter how many players like Patrick Peterson or Dalvin Tomlinson the Minnesota Vikings sign, you’re never satisfied. Especially this offseason, because […]
Key Free Agents the Vikings Missed Out On
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The Minnesota Vikings may have made some head-scratching free-agency moves this offseason, but there has to be a reason they signed a 30-year-old cornerback and a nose […]