GELFAND: In the Absence of Baseball, Coronavirus Shows Us the Real Score
By Mike Gelfand - Apr 3, 2020
Thursday, April 2, 2020 The day dawned cloudy and lukewarm and the forecast is for pure gloom for years to come. I thought about going back to […]
GELFAND: COVID-19 — It’s Worse Than You Thought
By Mike Gelfand - Mar 16, 2020
I like to think that my life as a journalist, horse player, football prognosticator, depressive, political junkie, occasional user of recreational drugs (long ago, so long ago), […]
GELFAND: On the Intersection of Coronavirus and Sport
By Mike Gelfand - Mar 9, 2020
I write this under duress, having been frightened by the panic buying I witnessed at my local big box over the weekend. The designer hand sanitizer was […]
GELFAND: …on Richard Pitino, Noted Philosopher
By Mike Gelfand - Feb 27, 2020
Years of mediocrity have not jaded Minnesota sports fans. “Gullible” is such an ugly word, so let us call the local fan base “trusting,” or “hopeful.” A […]
GELFAND: Betting the Big Game — Super Bowl 54
By Mike Gelfand - Jan 31, 2020
I’m not a guy who likes to stroll down memory lane. Too many potholes. As my friends in The Program say, after a few falls into the […]
GELFAND: …on Tom Brady — and Immortality
By Mike Gelfand - Jan 25, 2020
No quarterback in the NFL playoffs this year looked as lifeless and disconsolate as Tom Brady. If you somehow construe Brady as a sympathetic character, you might […]
GELFAND: Scandal Makers and Conference Championship Picks
By Mike Gelfand - Jan 17, 2020
For some, it’s no scandal at all. Hey, everybody does it. For others, it places baseball just above cockfighting on the sports ladder of disgrace. As a […]
GELFAND: Life on the Tundra and Divisional Round Picks
By Mike Gelfand - Jan 10, 2020
Don’t let anyone tell you that winter came early this year. In fact, by the frosty calendar that numbers our Minnesota days, winter has yet to officially […]
GELFAND: Wild Card Round Picks
By Mike Gelfand - Jan 3, 2020
No charming tales or self-loathing confessions of failure this week. I’ll save those for the Super Bowl. Instead, I’m going to take the plunge with three significant […]
GELFAND: Humility, or a Lack Thereof, and Week 16 Picks
By Mike Gelfand - Dec 20, 2019
It has come to my attention that humility doesn’t seem to be in fashion these days. Which is bad enough, except that humility — a quality that […]
GELFAND: The Most Popular Clich├ęs of the Year and Week 15 Picks
By Mike Gelfand - Dec 13, 2019
It’s days like this when I put on the thermal underwear, flannel pants and shirt, my thickest hoodie and a snowmobile suit before I battle the arctic […]
GELFAND: Avoiding the Vikings and Week 14 Picks
By Mike Gelfand - Dec 6, 2019
I will probably have my Minnesota citizenship revoked — or perhaps even deported to Wisconsin — for making the following confession, but I’m tired of hiding in […]