WOLVES WIRED Ep. 152: The Last One
By Tim Faklis - Jun 9, 2018
In the final Wolves Wired, Tim Faklis, Dane Moore, David Naylor and Tom Schreier discuss the NBA Finals, J.R. Smith’s shenanigans and where LeBron will end up. […]
Timberwolves Mailbag: The Finals are (Almost) Over
By Tim Faklis - Jun 7, 2018
The Timberwolves season is over, and it looks like the NBA Finals will follow more quickly than some might have preferred. So, to pass some NBA dead […]
WOLVES WIRED Ep. 151: Talking NBA Finals, Wolves Offseason and the Future of Wolves Wired
By Tim Faklis - Jun 4, 2018
In the second to last episode of Wolves Wired (Tim explains), Tim and Dane talk about the NBA Finals, the Timberwolves offseason and the progressive nature of […]
FAKLIS: How Close are the Timberwolves to Competing with the Warriors?
By Tim Faklis - Jun 1, 2018
The Cleveland Cavaliers played the Golden State Warriors in Game 1 of the NBA Finals on Thursday night. Excluding the date, the same has been said at […]
Lynx Struggles Continue in Close Loss to Dream
By Tim Faklis - May 30, 2018
When the Lynx began their season, starting off 2-3 was not part of their vision. But it also wasn’t ever out of the realm of possibility. Their […]
WOLVES WIRED Ep. 150: Butler’s Next Contract, NBA Playoffs Reactions
By Tim Faklis - May 27, 2018
Tim Faklis, Dane Moore, David Naylor and Tom Schreier discuss Jimmy Butler’s next contract, whether the Minnesota Timberwolves should wait out the Warriors and Rockets and Andrew […]
WOLVES WIRED Ep. 149: Debunking KAT Rumors, Wiggins Trades and Mailbag!!!
By Tim Faklis - May 21, 2018
Tim Faklis, Dane Moore, David Naylor and Tom Schreier debunk the Karl-Anthony Towns rumors, Dane discusses Andrew Wiggins’ contract and why it’s hard to trade and answer […]
Let’s Calm Down: Karl-Anthony Towns Isn’t Going Anywhere
By Tim Faklis - May 18, 2018
On Friday afternoon, ESPN‘s┬áZach Lowe and Brian Windhorst — two of the best NBA reporters in the business — sat down to do a podcast to discuss […]
FAKLIS: Avoiding the Draft Lottery and the Meaning of Firsts
By Tim Faklis - May 18, 2018
Watching Tuesday’s NBA Draft Lottery was a strange experience for most Timberwolves fans. For over a decade, the large plastic drum containing hundreds of ping pong balls […]
WOLVES WIRED Ep. 148: Ducking the Luxury Tax and Offseason Chatter
By Tim Faklis - May 14, 2018
Tim Faklis, Dane Moore, David Naylor and Tom Schreier discuss whether the Minnesota Timberwolves will go into the luxury tax, what an Andrew Wiggins trade would look […]
FAKLIS: Differing Development Paths of Towns and Wiggins Will Likely Lead to Similar Financial Destination
By Tim Faklis - May 11, 2018
Starting next season, Andrew Wiggins will be a max contract player. A year from that, Karl-Anthony Towns will join him. Aside from being teammates, the pair has […]
REPORT: Amidst Allegations of “Improper Interactions”, Assistant Coach Rick Brunson Resigns from Timberwolves
By Tim Faklis - May 8, 2018
The Minnesota Timberwolves announced Tuesday the resignation of Rick Brunson, who had served as assistant coach through the past two seasons. This news came a day after […]