Brian Flores Would Change the Culture Of the Vikings’ Defense
By Tyler Ireland - Jan 25, 2023
The Minnesota Vikings are casting a wide net as they search for their next defensive coordinator. New Orleans Saints co-defensive coordinator Ryan Nielsen and Seattle Seahawks associate […]
The Vikings’ Playoff Loss Will Force the Front Office To Show Its Hand
By Tyler Ireland - Jan 18, 2023
The Minnesota Vikings’ playoff loss against the New York Giants highlighted a crucial flaw that had been apparent all season long. The defense is atrocious, and everyone […]
Minnesota’s Backup Offensive Linemen Are Showing Signs Of Growth
By Tyler Ireland - Jan 10, 2023
When the Minnesota Vikings revealed that Brian O’Neill and Austin Schlottmann would be headed to season-ending IR, much of the fanbase felt a palpable sense of dread. […]
How Important Is the No. 2 Seed, Really?
By Tyler Ireland - Jan 4, 2023
In Week 17, it felt like a million different hypothetical playoff scenarios could’ve unfolded. The Minnesota Vikings still had a shot at the No. 1 seed. But […]
The Vikings Need To Beat Green Bay In the Trenches
By Tyler Ireland - Dec 28, 2022
Vikings-Packers games are always highly competitive and filled with animosity, regardless of the circumstances. That’s just the way it is when you play your biggest division rival. […]
The Vikings Can Prove Their Playoff Viability Against the Giants
By Tyler Ireland - Dec 22, 2022
From the Minnesota Vikings’ dramatic 33-30 overtime win against the Buffalo Bills to their 34-23 loss to the Detroit Lions, Ed Donatell’s defense was historically bad in […]
Why Do the Colts Always Give the Vikings Trouble?
By Tyler Ireland - Dec 14, 2022
For whatever reason, the Indianapolis Colts are the one team that always seems to be the Minnesota Vikings’ kryptonite. The Colts are 18-7-1 against Minnesota and have […]
There’s A Reason the Lions Are Favored Over the Vikings
By Tyler Ireland - Dec 7, 2022
This week’s matchup for the Minnesota Vikings has all the characteristics of a trap game. They’ll be on the road, playing a Detroit Lions team that is […]
The Vikings’ Defense Is Pliable By Design
By Tyler Ireland - Nov 30, 2022
Ed Donatell has often been criticized by Minnesota Vikings fans this season, and a big reason is the sheer amount of yardage his unit has allowed. Unbelievable […]
The Vikings Have To Channel the Patriots To Beat the Patriots
By Tyler Ireland - Nov 23, 2022
The Minnesota Vikings’ win over the Buffalo Bills in Week 10 felt like a movie. Hailed by many as the game of the year, Minnesota came back […]
Minnesota’s Rookie Corners Will Be Showcasing Themselves Against Dallas
By Tyler Ireland - Nov 16, 2022
After weeks of being chastised by pundits and pessimistic fans alike for not having a signature win, the Minnesota Vikings finally showed proof of concept by dramatically […]
Hockenson Is Already Minnesota’s No. 2 Pass-Catcher
By Tyler Ireland - Nov 9, 2022
With a 6-1 record and a 3.5-game lead in their division, the Minnesota Vikings were expected to be buyers ahead of the Nov. 1 trade deadline. Aside […]