The Ricky Rubio Reunion Looks Like It’s Going to Be Short-Lived
By Tom Schreier - Mar 2, 2021
There were good feelings when the Minnesota Timberwolves dealt for Ricky Rubio on draft night last year. He had just tweeted about his disdain for the business […]
What’s Rosas’ Next Move with Beasley?
By Tom Schreier - Feb 28, 2021
Trading for Malik Beasley seemed like Gersson Rosas’ signature move. No, it wasn’t bringing Kevin Garnett back or trading for Jimmy Butler on draft night, but it […]
Jefferson’s Success Doesn’t Mean Diggs Was Expendable
By Tom Schreier - Feb 24, 2021
In a league where Kyle Shanahan is praised for plucking running backs out of community college and turning them into stars in his offensive system, and Bill […]
The Wolves Were Never Going to Take Wiseman or Ball
By Tom Schreier - Feb 10, 2021
Call it a hunch. I don’t have any concrete information on this one, but we’ve seen how Gersson Rosas operates, and he’s not one to hedge. He […]
What If the Vikings Had Done a Fire Sale at the Bye Week?
By Tom Schreier - Jan 23, 2021
When the Minnesota Vikings lost to the previously winless Atlanta Falcons, 40-23, and entered the bye week, it seems like a certainty that they would start to […]
Maybe It’s For the Best That the Wolves Can’t Tank
By Tom Schreier - Jan 22, 2021
On Jan. 31, 2015, Flip Saunders came out of his office in a huff. Kevin Love was making his return to the Target Center, and the jumbotron […]
We’re Gonna Start Relitigating the 2018 Draft, Aren’t We?
By Tom Schreier - Jan 16, 2021
The truth is that the Minnesota Vikings never were going to take Lamar Jackson. Not after signing Kirk Cousins for $84 million guaranteed. Not after passing on […]
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Guerin is Displaying a Sense of Urgency That Fletcher Didn’t Have
By Tom Schreier - Jan 13, 2021
There was a time, boys and girls, when Zach Parise and Ryan Suter were dearly beloved in the State… the State of Hockey. Back on the 4th […]
Seeking Continuity Isn’t Settling For Mediocrity
By Tom Schreier - Jan 9, 2021
When Mike Zimmer says that 7-9 is the best the Minnesota Vikings could have done this year, given everything they went through, the response he got was […]
COVID Protocols May Have Forced the Right Decision with Dan Bailey
By Tom Schreier - Dec 31, 2020
Dan Bailey looked like the loneliest man in the world walking back to the sideline after missing his fourth kick of the game in Tampa. The Minnesota […]
Riley Reiff’s Bonus Situation is Insane
By Tom Schreier - Dec 30, 2020
The lasting image of Riley Reiff for me, regardless of if he’s cut in the offseason or plays in purple for the next 10 years, is of […]
Mike Tice Settles the Moss vs. Jefferson Rookie Season Debate
By Tom Schreier - Dec 10, 2020
When I think of Mike Tice, I rarely think of him being an authority figure. “Ticket scalping” and “boat party” immediately come to mind. He’s a remnant […]