Greg Joseph’s Missed Extra Point Lingered All Game
By Tom Schreier - Sep 20, 2021
It feels weird focusing on Greg Joseph’s missed extra point in the second quarter when he missed a 37-yard field goal that would have won the Minnesota […]
The Vikings Get A Second Chance To Make A First Impression
By Tom Schreier - Sep 18, 2021
If you’re one of the 20,000-some people who went to the Cincinnati Bengals game in person and want a refund, I don’t blame you. Good luck getting […]
The Vikings Almost Got Away With One
By Tom Schreier - Sep 13, 2021
A tie is usually an unsatisfying result, but the Minnesota Vikings would have taken one on Sunday. It would have been a fitting end to the game. […]
Harrison Smith and the Purple Fountain of Youth
By Tom Schreier - Sep 1, 2021
Harrison Smith isn’t going to lie to you. He knows every player says that they enter camp in the best shape of their lives and that at […]
Everson Griffen’s Return Is Evidence Of Andre Patterson’s Influence
By Tom Schreier - Aug 30, 2021
It’s hilarious to hear one grown man describe another grown man as “his binky,” but that’s exactly what Minnesota Vikings co-defensive coordinator Andre Patterson called everyone’s favorite […]
Mike Zimmer’s Vaccination Plea Is Both Practical and Emotional
By Tom Schreier - Aug 24, 2021
Mike Zimmer looked into the camera before his media session on Monday and said hi to his grandson Nash, who was watching the press conference via live […]
Michael Pierce Is Minnesota’s Next Great Hearty Hoss
By Tom Schreier - Aug 21, 2021
Every great Minnesota Vikings team in recent memory has had a big guy anchoring their defense. A magnificent monster. A gregarious giant. A hearty hoss. We’re talking […]
If You Want Dalvin Cook to Play 17 Games, Throw the Ball
By Tom Schreier - Aug 19, 2021
The big question with Dalvin Cook isn’t if he’ll be an impact player for the Minnesota Vikings this year, it’s if he can finish the season without […]
Which Vikings Depth Receivers Could Take the Thielen Path?
By Tom Schreier - Aug 12, 2021
Sorry, folks, none of the players vying for a roster spot this year are from small-town Minnesota. K.J. Osborn didn’t go to Bemidji. Chad Beebe isn’t from […]
Justin Jefferson Doesn’t Need To Be Enamored With Kirk Cousins
By Tom Schreier - Jul 7, 2021
It seems like Adam Thielen has been best buds with every wide receiver the Vikings have had, past and present. Cordarrelle Patterson called him his “brother from […]
Is It Reasonable For the Vikings To Rely On Rookies In a Pressure-Packed Season?
By Tom Schreier - Jun 30, 2021
Here’s the thing: I’m not sure most reasonable people would expect a coach to lean on rookie talent in Mike Zimmer’s situation. Forget your preconceived notions about […]
Minnesota and Justin Jefferson Need Larry Fitzgerald
By Tom Schreier - Jun 19, 2021
The year is 2037. We’re at Stogies on Grand. Justin Jefferson takes a long drag on his Partagas Lusitania. A ring on his right hand clinks against […]