Three Low-Cost, High-Reward Options For the Twins Bullpen
By Theo Tollefson - Nov 30, 2023
There are many old philosophies in baseball. Some are valid, and some aren’t. But the idea that a team can never have too many pitchers has constantly […]
Twins Fans Will Lose More Than Bremer’s Voice From the Broadcast Booth
By Theo Tollefson - Nov 5, 2023
Minnesota Twins fans are going through one of the biggest changes they’ve ever had in the 63 seasons of the franchise. There will be someone new calling […]
Let’s Revisit Joe Ryan’s Short Start In Minnesota’s Final Game
By Theo Tollefson - Oct 21, 2023
The Minnesota Twins haven’t played in over a week, but it’s given us time to reflect on how the final game of their season ended. We can […]
Donovan Solano Was An Unsung Hero In the Wild Card Series
By Theo Tollefson - Oct 7, 2023
He was never planned to be in the starting lineup of this Wild Card series, but Donovan Solano played a surprisingly pivotal role in the Minnesota Twins’ […]
There’s Excitement In the Unknown Ahead Of Minnesota’s Postseason
By Theo Tollefson - Oct 1, 2023
The Minnesota Twins have a daunting task ahead of them beginning Tuesday. They must end the longest playoff losing streak in North American sports. However, there are […]
Other Magic Numbers the Twins Are Chasing
By Theo Tollefson - Sep 20, 2023
There are only two weeks left in the season, and everyone is paying attention to the Minnesota Twins’ magic number. The number of games they have to […]
The Twins May Have To Make A Difficult Decision In October
By Theo Tollefson - Sep 9, 2023
The Minnesota Twins front office has stuck with most of the offensive players from their Opening Day roster all year. Even when they’ve really struggled. For example, […]
How Should the Twins Balance the Bullpen’s Workload In September?
By Theo Tollefson - Aug 28, 2023
The Minnesota Twins’ bullpen is exhausted. In recent weeks, the relievers who have remained healthy all season are showing signs of wearing down from the long year. […]
Was Humidity Also Factor In Joe Ryan’s Home Run Issue?
By Theo Tollefson - Aug 21, 2023
Joe Ryan was on top of the world when he threw his first-ever complete-game shutout on Thursday, June 22. But regression hit him hard. He gave up […]
The Twins Should Give the Mets A Call
By Theo Tollefson - Jul 31, 2023
The Minnesota Twins played one of their worst series of the year 48 hours before the trade deadline. The Kansas City Royals were 25 games behind the […]
A Healthy Buxton Complicates the Trade Deadline
By Theo Tollefson - Jul 26, 2023
Byron Buxton may have left the team for paternity leave on Monday, but he’s still healthy and will only be gone for three days. Even though he’s […]
A Right- and Left-Handed Reliever the Twins Should Target
By Theo Tollefson - Jul 17, 2023
The trade deadline is less than a month away, and many teams could still be a week or two from moving to acquire the type of players […]