FOOTBALL MACHINE: Hour 2 – Coaching Trends, Extensions and Chad Beebe
By Upfire Digital - Aug 28, 2019
In Hour 2, Sam, Arif, and Luke are in studio to take your phone calls and answer your Twitter questions. In this episode we talk about the […]
Procedurally Generated: Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Killer Queen Black, and T-Wolves Gaming
By Upfire Digital - Jul 30, 2019
We have a very special guest today as Ben Hanson of Game Informer joins Naylor and George to discuss the new Fire Emblem release, new trends in […]
MINNESOTA SOCCER PODCAST: The Future Looks Bright as Rookies Shine
By Upfire Digital - Jul 1, 2019
Nic and Tom welcome special guest Nathaniel Zdon to talk about the recent week of games. The US takes down France in the World Cup, the Men’s […]
MINNESOTA SOCCER PODCAST: U.S. Women’s and Men’s Soccer, and a Hot United Offense
By Upfire Digital - Jun 17, 2019
A quick and poignant episode as Nic and Naylor talk the U.S. Men’s upcoming Gold Cup game, the U.S. Women’s teams recent domination, and the United’s win […]
FOOTBALL MACHINE: Hour 2 – Rehashing the Draft, Rudolph, and Thrones
By Upfire Digital - May 15, 2019
We re-hash the draft and explore some of the alternative choices the Vikings could have taken. Also Packers, Thrones, surprise moves, phones calls and twitter questions. In […]
Procedurally Generated: New Consoles, Fortnite Banned, and Playstation 5
By Upfire Digital - Apr 19, 2019
David and George re-convene to discuss the new Console announcements, their current gaming lists, and SMASH!! In this episode: XBOX One S – the all-digital Xbox. [3:30] […]
FOOTBALL MACHINE: Hour 2 – Best Player Available or Drafting For Need?
By Upfire Digital - Apr 10, 2019
In This Episode: Would the Vikings trade up for Ed Oliver? [4:00] Is the best player available the best strategy? [23:30] Potential heirs to the nose tackle […]
FOOTBALL MACHINE: Hour 1 – Holton Hill, New AAF Signings and The Turmoil in Green Bay
By Upfire Digital - Apr 10, 2019
We talk about the affects of Holton Hill’s suspension and whether Trae Waynes is still on the trading block. We also cover the new AAF signings and […]
Dane Moore NBA Podcast: The Differences Between Ryan Saunders & Tom Thibodeau
By Upfire Digital - Apr 4, 2019
The Timberwolves are 78 games into their season and as the year comes to a close we discuss how the team has performed under Tom Thibodeau vs. […]
FOOTBALL MACHINE: Hour 2 – Deep Draft Analysis, Phone Calls, and Twitter Questions
By Upfire Digital - Apr 3, 2019
As the draft gets closer we have a plethora of questions and analysis as we take Twitter questions and Skype calls from our wonderful followers. In This […]
FOOTBALL MACHINE: Hour 1 – AAF vs XFL, and the Vikings’ Top 30 Prospects
By Upfire Digital - Apr 3, 2019
In Hour 1, we cover the demise of the AAF, and the incoming XFL. We dive into the Vikings’ list of Top 30 Prospects and we play […]
MINNESOTA SOCCER PODCAST: A Familiar and Disappointing Performance for Minnesota
By Upfire Digital - Apr 1, 2019
It’s a tough week as Saturday’s loss leaves us wondering whether this years Minnesota United is actually better than past years. We discuss the poor defensive effort […]