ALA FOOTBALL MACHINE: Kickoff Rule, Rams Hard Knocks & Roundtable Mock Draft!

In this week’s NFL Hour, the crew talks about the rule change bringing kickoff touchbacks to the 25 and what ramifications it may have on star returners like Cordarralle Patterson, how the Los Angeles Rams doing Hard Knocks and hosting a game in China would be great for their brand (but Jeff Fisher will find a way to run it) and Andy, Luke & Arif go around the table for a Full First Round NFL Mock Draft. Spoiler: 4 Quarterbacks in the first round and the Vikings don’t get a wide receiver….. #KeepPoundingOrDoYouWantToSwitchPositions

Hit it here to follow along with all 31 picks. (Apologies for my chicken scratch hand-writing)

All that and more action on this edition of the Andy Luke & Arif Football Machine.

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This is Hour 2 (General NFL Chatter) of this week’s Andy Luke & Arif Football Machine. For Hour 1 (All Vikings Talk), click here.

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The Andy Luke & Arif Football Machine is a weekly conversation between two cerebral football minds…. and Andy Carlson. We’ll be bringing you an hour of Minnesota Vikings talk as well as an hour of general pro and college football chatter every week as part of the Cold Omaha Podcast Network. We talk NFL Draft, fantasy football, college football playoffs, and everything else that involves a pigskin and 4 downs. Arif Hasan breaks down the game through an analytic approach and has had his work featured in the Star Tribune, LA Times, Forbes, SB Nation, International Business Times, the Bleacher Report and MSNBC. He’s currently a staff writer for the Daily Norseman and Cold Omaha. Arif’s also made radio appearances on 1500 ESPN, KFAN and 105 The Ticket, and also stars on the Norse Code Podcast. Luke Inman is the resident NFL Draft guru and has been breaking down prospects and tape for eDraft and Cold Omaha. His Prospect a Day series on YouTube is the toast of #DraftTwitter. Andy Carlson hosts a lot of podcasts (Purple FTW! – Dedicated to the Pain AND Pleasure That Is The Minnesota Vikings) and tries to be funny. #DreamTeam

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