Minnesota Vikings Hope to Sign Veteran QB by Monday

Minnesota Vikings general manager Rick Spielman held a presser immediately before the fourth and final preseason game of the year to address questions about Teddy Bridgewater and how to move forward with the quarterback position.

Initially, he responded to questions about Bridgewater’s health and gave us small updates.

After that, Spielman reasserted confidence in now starting quarterback Shaun Hill, but did say that they would be looking for a quarterback. Importantly, it looks like they are not too interested in the packages other teams are selling at the moment.

Brian Murphy has a pretty good take on the whole situation.

I think the Vikings will be waiting for the 53-man cutdown process to go through and avoid the prospect of dealing with trade offers. If there are veterans that are truly available (and they will not be good), then giving up assets for a one year rental at backup won’t be palatable.

The strong pursuit of another quarterback already confirms what we knew, which is that Brad Sorensen will not be the #2 or #3 quarterback. It may also mean that Joel Stave will be on the outs after Taylor Heinicke comes back from injury.

We’ll see.

For more on how the Bridgewater situation could impact the Vikings and what they may do, click here.

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