Cold Omaha Samples New Target Field Offerings

Brandon Warne, Sam Ekstrom and I ventured out to Target Field for a food sampling hosted by the Minnesota Twins. It was a media event in which Delaware North Sportservice showcased their new offerings to the local media and some season-ticket holders.

We took some pictures of our favorite items and offer some commentary in the slideshow below. We also filmed a video in the new Catch lounge, right below a new bar called Minnie and Paul’s, which features food from local favorites Red Cow and Pizza Luce.

For more in-depth information on the new offerings, here’s the details. And be sure to follow Brandon (@Brandon_Warne), Sam (@SamEkstrom) and Tom (@tschreier3) as well as Cold Omaha (@ColdOmahaMN) for Twins coverage all season long.

Hot Chocolate and Cinnamon Rolls

Photo credit: Tom Schreier/Cold Omaha

We were greeted by friendly Delaware employees before we even entered the building. Sam and Brandon loved the hot chocolate, we all were fans of the cinnamon rolls.

Hrbek’s Bloody Mary

Photo credit: Tom Schreier/Cold Omaha

We started at Hrbek’s, which had a spread that included prime rib sliders and an impressive Bloody Mary.

“It’s hard to pick out the best food sampled today,” Brandon wrote me in an email afterwards. “The prime rib sliders set the bar really high from the get-go, as did washing them down with a Bloody Mary.”

The Bloodies will set you back a pretty penny. Twenty-three dollars gets you a burger, celery and a pickle that guard the precious drink.

Walleye Tacos

Walleye Taco
Photo credit: Sam Ekstrom/Cold Omaha

Delaware North replaced the Mahi-mahi in their fish tacos with walleye to create a more localized product. It was tasty, but also a handful.

You definitely get bang for your buck with this one.

Andrew Zimmern’s Korean Chicken

Korean Chicken
Photo credit: Sam Ekstrom/Cold Omaha

“Moving out of Hrbek’s and onto the concourse, the Andrew Zimmern Korean Chicken sandwich was incredible,” wrote Brandon. “The kettle chips were the perfect amount of crisp and chewy, and perfectly seasoned.”

We all agreed this might be the best non-dessert product we had on the tour. Zimmern’s is located right next to Hrbek’s and the pro shop.

“The Korean Chicken from Andrew Zimmern’s was delicious with a hot sauce and pineapple slice to give your palette a little taste of everything,” wrote Sam.

Grape Vodka

Grape Vodka
Photo credit: Sam Ekstrom/Cold Omaha

There was a giant cocktail stand in the concourse. As tempting as it was, the Cold Omaha crew decided to go easy on the alcohol during this tour — it was 11 in the morning on a Tuesday, after all.

Brandon and Sam couldn’t help but to indulge in a grape vodka or two, however. “Vodka, sour and grape soda,” writes Sam. “Literally a dose of Purple Kool Aid if you’re excited for the Draft coming up.”

Hot Pretzel Bites

Hot Pretzel Bites
Photo credit: Sam Ekstrom/Cold Omaha

While we went easy on the alcohol, we weren’t as disciplined with snacks. Sam loved these bad boys.

“A nice little dessert from Target Field’s own Hot Pretzel Bites,” he writes. “Nutella, strawberries and whipped cream that went down easily.”

Minnie and Paul’s

Photo credit: Tom Schreier/Cold Omaha

Minnie and Paul’s is a new structure located in the walkway in center field. It was previously an open space that didn’t have much going on, but was also an area that many standing-room only ticket holders used to congregate.

Fortunately, there is plenty of seating available and food offerings from two established brands: Red Cow and Pizza Luce.

“I really liked the Ultimate Burger from Red Cow when we headed up to Minnie and Paul’s,” wrote Brandon. “Along the way we tried a Grape Ape alcoholic beverage — fruity and delicious — and we capped it all with a Tropical IPA from Lift Bridge.”

Also pictured are the gift bags given to all who attended. They contained a bottle of wine, cotton candy and Old Dutch kettle chips.

The Frozen Ginger

Frozen Ginger
Photo credit: Sam Ekstrom/Cold Omaha

Target Field will continue to feature many local craft beers and alcoholic beverages, as they have in the past. Surly, Fulton, Lift Bridge and Summit can all be found in the concourses around Target Field.

Sam, in particular, liked the Frozen Ginger drink from 2 Gingers. “Whether you’re a redhead or not, you’ll enjoy the Frozen Ginger at Minnie and Paul’s in center field,” he wrote. “Refreshing.”

Something for Everyone

In general, we all felt that you can’t go wrong with whatever you get.

“All told, not a single item on the list failed expectations,” Brandon wrote. “It’s going to be a great year at Target Field — on and off the field.”

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