Ask A Twin: If You Didn't Play Pro Ball, What Would You Do? -- Chris Gimenez

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Since the winter can be an especially tough time to drum up #hot #relatable #content, I decided to try something different. I asked every Twins player I could find in the dugout over the season’s final weekend the following question:

“What would you be doing for work if you weren’t a professional baseball player?”

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So for each player, I’ll ask Twitter what they think, and every good-faith answer will be used.

Sound good? Good.

The player: Chris Gimenez

The Verdict

Chris: “Well, that’s a good question. Baseball is everything I’ve always wanted to do, honestly. If not, I’d probably own a ranch and be a cowboy or something.”

Brandon: “In Nevada?”

Chris: “In Nevada, yeah.”

Brandon: “So you’re in the right place already.”

Chris: “Right. I grew up on a ranch. It’s kind of a second passion, so to speak. I think it’d be a great place for my kids to grow up. You know what I mean? I was lucky enough to have a lot of room to go roam around and play.”

Brandon: “Is it peaceful?”

Chris: “It is. Yeah, it is. I love the beauty. The quietness. The peacefulness. You’re out there working with cattle, or chickens like I used to do when I was a kid. We used to have sheep. It’s quiet. It’s a simple life. I kinda like that.”

Brandon: “But then baseball threw a wrench into that.”

Chris: “Baseball did throw a wrench into that. But that’s also kind of been really the only thing I’ve truly ever wanted to do. It’s funny because they tell you in college as an 18-year-old kid, a freshman or whatever, they ask what you want to do. ‘I want to be a baseball player.’ OK, what about a backup plan? I’m like ‘I don’t have one.'”

Brandon: “We’re just winging it here.”

Chris: “Yeah. I’ll figure it out kinda thing. Owning a ranch is something that I still have a desire to do.”

Brandon: “Think you still will?”

Chris: “Potentially, yeah.”

Brandon: “Granted if you’re managing a team or playing a few more years…you’ll have to think about that.”

Chris: “Right. That’ll probably be the kind of thing I have a chance to do kinda when baseball is all said and done. Know what I mean? I also don’t know if my wife is necessarily the ranch type, but you never know.”

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