FANTASY FOOTBALL PARTY: NFL Week 15: Must be time for playoffs, 'cause baby it's cold outside

We really can’t stay (Baby, it’s cold outside)

Two weeks ’til we go away (Baby it’s cold outside)

This evening has been (Been hoping that you’d drop in)

So very nice (On Joshua Allen we’ll roll the dice)


Our mothers will start to worry (Don’t start Latavius Murray)

Our fathers will be pacing the floor (Need a running back who can score)

(Narrator: So evidently not Frank Gore)

So really you’d better scurry (We’re toast if Packer fans are the jury)

Well maybe just a half a drink more (That JL Beers staff knows what to pour)


The listeners might think (Mitch Trubisky’s a Bear)

Order up one more drink? (Clay Matthews has pretty hair)

We wish we knew how (to quit Tre’Quan Smith—yeow!)

To break this spell (First Bo, then 2V… aw, hell! Another zero!)


We ought to say no, no, no (For Zubaz use FFPHOHOHO)

At least we’re gonna say that we tried (even if we’re playing for pride)

We really can’t stay (Janikowski had gout)

Baby it’s cold outside


And with that the Fantasy Football Party-goers closed their song books and backed away from the front door of JL Beers, where they’d been caroling and carrying on for the better part of an hour.


(Narrator: The fine representatives of the police department had nothing to do with their departure. Mere coincidence.)


Yes, the penultimate episode of the FFP podcast is in the books, with all the news and views you need to set your DFS lineups and/or survive and advance in your season-long playoffs during this critical Week 15. You had Magsh running the board with aplomb (and opposable thumbs), Bo offering sage wisdom as the show’s own fuzzy Buddha, and 2V moving up in class to the 15% ABV beer which made him that much more interesting… to himself.


Beyond description, this week’s podcast—like each episode before it—must be experienced to be believed. Do so now, if you dare. ‘Cuz baby it’s cold outside.


And if you’ve come this far, maybe you’re willing to come a little further. We say that every week, and it’s more than just a line from “The Shawshank Redemption.” It’s an arduous journey, and we know many of you just aren’t willing to plow through this much prose. But rest assured, the payoff is worth it. What our show sponsors can do for you boggles the mind; check out these deals while you’re listening to the show, and we know you won’t be disappointed.


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Here’s your link to the Week 15 FFP Listener League:$4All#modal=register&mRP=l&mRR=l


If you’re a FantasyDraft first-timer, hit this link for a signing bonus courtesy of your good friends at FFP:$4All#modal=register&mRP=l&mRR=l


You can also follow the show and its hosts on Twitter:






The FFP’s 50/50 lineups for Week 15:



Josh Allen

Elijah McGuire

Kenneth Dixon

Damien Williams

Dante Pettis

Curtis Samuel

Ian Thomas

Michael Badgley

Cowboys D



Baker Mayfield

Theo Riddick

Frank Gore

Kenny Stills

Dede Westbrook

Josh Reynolds

Chris Herndon

Jason Myers

Seahawks D



Lamar Jackson

Jalen Richard

Chris Ivory

Robert Foster

John Brown

DaeSean Hamilton

Vernon Davis

Matt Bryant

Cardinals D


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