THE MINNESOTA LINE: Mike Hates Parties, Colton Bets a Darts Match + Week 11 Picks

Mike Gelfand, Colton Molesky and Sam Ekstrom review their Week 10 picks as Colton’s lead in the bankroll standings grows. They also move forward to Week 11 and discuss the NFL MVP odds.

Colton: Giants-Bucs Under 52 ($50), Bears -2.5 vs Vikings ($50), Steelers-Jags Over 47 ($100)
Mike: Texans-Redskins Under 42.5 ($50), Vikings +2.5 @ Bears ($50), Colts-Titans Over 49 ($50)
Sam: Vikings-Bears Under 45, Chiefs +3.5 @ Rams, Eagles +8.5 @ Saints

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