Mike Zimmer Shuts Down Hot Seat Question

Photo Credit: Bob Donnan (USA TODAY Sports)

If Mike Zimmer were to rank his favorite aspects of being an NFL head coach, odds are “media availability” wouldn’t make the list. The surly ball coach is rarely forthcoming with information and often ready to leave the podium at a moment’s notice. If you were curious how one could speed up that process even more, today we got the answer. Ask him about his job status.

In today’s presser, a local reporter started down a path towards a question with, “In your job, you always have your head down, but with a game like the Bears, and the hot seats like Nagy and yourself…”

Before he could finish, Zimmer interrupted “I’m on the hot seat?” After a quick smirk and shrug Zimmer continued “I don’t have any thought on it” before promptly exiting the press conference.

If you are a fan of Mike Zimmer, this is the sort of thing you love about him. He’s a bit of a no nonsense SOB wrapped in beef jerky thick skin. He’s a football coach, and he’s generally not going to entertain any of your BS.

If you are not a fan of Mike Zimmer, you probably wanted an answer to this question.

Other highlights from today’s presser:

  • A minor update on Adam Thielen whom Zimmer said was “close” to playing on Monday night. He’s still unsure of his status for this weekend.
  • Speaking of updates, Zimmer doesn’t have one on Everson Griffen. When asked if there’s any chance he could return this year Zimmer replied “I really wouldn’t know.”
  • On this weekend’s opponent, Zimmer said of Aaron Donald: “He’s the best. He’s got great determination, but also excellent quickness and strength.”
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