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Aaron Rodgers’ Trash Talk Was An All-Time Packers Moment

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We are almost a week removed from the Green Bay Packers beating the Chicago Bears. Nothing unusual about that. But I feel like people have moved on too soon from the Aaron Rodgers moment. If the Packers don’t win the Super Bowl, the 2021 season will be remembered for No. 12’s moment at Soldier Field.

Rodgers has talked a little trash before. He drinks purple Crush when they beat the Vikings. He talks with Pat McAfee every Tuesday, where he gets very candid. And he’s had his championship-belt move after touchdowns for a long time.

By now you would think teams would have learned to not mock the belt after sacking Rodgers. If you missed it, that did happen on Sunday. There is a history of people doing that and it coming back to bite them.

Aaron Rodgers Dropped the F-Bomb

It’s just shocking we aren’t still talking about this. Rodgers has never screamed at a crowd before in his career. He never lets loose like that. He swore. On national television. We can’t just move on from that. Rodgers is different right now, and we should love every second of it. If you’ve been in a coma since last Saturday and just woke up, here is a quick breakdown.

Up by three points with less than five minutes to go, the Packers were in the red zone. Rodgers started to run, pump-faked, and then ran it in for a touchdown. It’s almost like he had another chance to do that last January and didn’t. But moving on. He also took quite a hit as he crossed into the end zone.

After the score, the camera went to Rodgers. What people didn’t know right away was that when he looked up after doing his belt, he was greeted by the Chicago Bears fans.

It turns out, multiple people were giving Rodgers the middle finger. He mentioned as much in his post-game press conference before the above photos surfaced.

So that is what motivated Rodgers to yell at them. He yelled “I own you!” over and over, including throwing in the F-bomb for one sentence and noting that “I’ve always owned you.” Davante Adams even threw a little something in for them at the end.

Rodgers Does Own Them

The best part about his smack talk is that it is true. Over his career, Rodgers is 21-5 against Chicago. The Bears have had 16 different quarterbacks while he has been in Green Bay. He’s thrown for almost 60 touchdown passes and more than 6,200 yards against them. In 2018 he hurt his knee, which turned out to be a season-long lingering injury, and still came back to beat them. It wasn’t just yelling into the crowd. He looked up, saw them doing more than just booing or yelling back, and had a great moment of improv.

This was an all-time Aaron Rodgers moment. And not just that, an all-time Packers moment. Trash talk between Packers and Bears fans will always be there, but this really silenced Bears fans for a bit. And, to be honest, they needed to come back down to Earth.

Over-Confident Bears

After being so high on Mitch Trubisky in 2018 and claiming they would be the new team to conquer the NFC North, it took less than three years for Trubisky to exit. They signed Andy Dalton for $14 million this off-season and then drafted Justin Fields.

Fields is a talented quarterback, but Bears fans once again were overly confident for almost no reason going into last week’s game. While Fields has shown signs of greatness, he hasn’t dominated or anything yet. For a while, the Packers were definitely keeping them in the game. The Bears still have a solid defense, and Green Bay is depleted on that side of the ball right now.

The Packers are still a better team, and that showed. They are undefeated since their Week 1 disaster against the New Orleans Saints. It was an early wake-up call for Green Bay, and they have been rolling ever since. Rodgers screaming “I own you” might be this team’s battle cry going forward. Winning teams usually have moments like these during their seasons. The Saints with their “Who Dat” chant. The Milwaukee Brewers and their “Beast Mode” and “Tiger Claws” celebrations.

And while the Packers aren’t exactly struggling right now, Rodgers screaming and swearing at Bears fans takes this team to the next level. Rodgers is playing differently this year. The man is aging like a fine wine, and we should all savor it, no matter what happens after this season.

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