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Aaron’s Golf Cart Is the Star Of the 2021 Packers Training Camp

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Sure, Aaron Rodgers admitted this week that he basically decided that he would be returning two days before the start of training camp. That is huge news to some people, but it’s not important right now.

First-round draft pick and cornerback Eric Stokes is having a solid camp and could compete for a starting job. That’s cool. Another draft pick, running back Kylin Hill, has basically cemented his spot as the team’s third running back. That’s all fine and dandy. Let’s talk about the real star of this year’s training camp.

That would be Rodgers’ golf cart.

It started as a post on David Bakhtiari’s social media pages. It appears that Rodgers always wanted an Aston Martin, and his offensive lineman and close friend delivered.

The video is nothing short of brilliance. Well-acted. Surprises at every turn. A great ending. Everything that “Space Jam: A New Legacy” didn’t have. It has a fluffy steering wheel, the list of MVPs for the quarterback, and probably the greatest and most immature license plate I’ve ever seen. (Chef’s Kiss)

An Instant Hit

Rodgers is no dummy. He knew something like this was pure gold. So instead of just shipping it off or parking it in his Green Bay residence, it has become his go-to vehicle for practice. It’s perfect. He can interact with the media and fans when he wants to. Aaron can get a free ride back to Lambeau Field from the practice field without having to walk, be escorted, or be bothered by Packers personnel.

A few days later, he was seen riding back after practice one day. He was obeying traffic laws and everything. Just a future Hall-of-Fame quarterback listening to music and heading back to his locker after a hard day’s work. Living the dream after an offseason of confusion and speculation. What a sweetie.

With this new ride, he can ride past fans, say hello, give high-fives, and stop if he is able to while on the way to practice.

Bakhtiari’s gift was a work of genius. Coming off a media storm and knowing No. 12 would need to talk about the offseason eventually, he started everything on a lighter note. It’s the content everyone needed: A great laugh for everyone and a reminder that it’s almost time for football. In the end, it’s just a game. They put on pads with different colors and throw a ball made of pigskin while hitting each other. The trade rumors no longer matter as much when you’re quarterback is riding in a personalized golf cart.

Heck, there could even be merchandising opportunities.

A Special Stop

During his regular ride to practice on Aug. 12, Rodgers made a special stop. These are the moments that football players, fans, and people in attendance live for.

Rodgers stopped what he was doing to talk to Jacob, a kid who is having surgery and now has a signed cast from the three-time MVP, for more than five minutes. Did he have to do that? No. He’s donated millions and raised money for charities and local businesses just this year alone.

You can be unhappy with the way the offseason was handled by whatever side you want. You can be mad at Rodgers, you can be mad at the Packers, and you can be mad at both. But stuff like Rodgers’ golf cart puts this all in perspective. This is a fun game, and we all enjoy watching. Fans pack Lambeau Field every game, even for Family Night and preseason games that don’t exactly matter. The city of Green Bay bleeds green and gold. Nowhere else in the country does an NFL team have a whole street of painted fences outside their stadium.

Sure, there are a few political ones sometimes, and those should be set on fire. But besides that, it is glorious to see. (Please don’t set fire to fences and put that on me. It’s a joke.)

The Titletown district is booming and growing, and is definitely setting itself up to be a location of a Super Bowl someday. This silly gift is a reminder that this game is fun. It’s as immature as that license plate about a sexual position. But it’s also why the NFL is still the most popular sport in America. There is so much to love and enjoy. This preseason is important for a lot of players. And with the news coming out that Rodgers won’t see action this preseason, his golf cart is the welcome content we all want and need.

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