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Jake Kumerow Could Decide Brian Gutekunst's Fate

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Only one team will be Super Bowl Champions at the end of the NFL season. Only one team will be able to look back at the season and say “we did things right.” The rest of the league will be forced to come face-to-face with their shortcomings, and what needs to be done to fix them. Jobs will be lost and rosters will be overhauled. Sometimes those decisions are simple and obvious and other times they are difficult and divisive.

The Aaron Rodgers drama put the Green Bay Packers in a very unique but simple situation. They are a contender. If they fail, the reasons will be quite obvious. Whether it be coaching, organizational decisions, or on-the-field play, if the Packers don’t wind up champions, odds are we’ll know where to point the finger.

We already know exactly where Aaron Rodgers wants to point the finger. Regardless of his recent comments, we know he doesn’t envision a long-term future with Brian Gutekunst. It’s easy to surmise that the reported “him or me” ultimatum from this past off-season will likely appear again after this year. To this point, it has seemed immensely unlikely that the organization would even begin to consider removing Gutekunst, but there’s one man out there who might make that decision a lot easier.

Jake Kumerow.

Rodgers’ frustration with Green Bay’s decision to cut Kumerow has been noted and repeated. Most assumed they were buddies. Aaron didn’t want one of his guys cut without his input. Well, now the former depth receiver is in Buffalo Bills camp and might just be revealing the real reason for Rogers’ anger. He is apparently crushing it.

Here is an excerpt from

Now fighting for a roster spot in a talent-rich wide receivers room, Kumerow has been the biggest playmaker of the bunch behind Stefon Diggs since training camp began last week. He’s made big catches and has been up to the challenge against some of the Bills best defensive backs.

On Thursday, the Bills were in shells and Emmanuel Sanders wasn’t practicing because of a foot injury. That meant Kumerow had more opportunities to show off what he can do, and he looked like a superstar. It’s important to remember that we’re talking about practice here, but as far as that goes the former Green Bay Packer has been outstanding.

SUPERSTAR. That’s not the word you want to hear if you are Packers brass. And it’s not just one article, Bills Twitter has been blowing up.

If Kumerow not only lands a prime position on one of the NFL‘s best offenses but also has a very good season it will be a devastating blow in the Gutekunst vs. Rogers situation. In fact, if the Packers don’t win a title and have to watch Jake Kumerow have a good season and a playoff run, it could be a fireable offense.

I know we’re playing the ridiculous “what if” game here but just imagine if the Packers lose in another NFC championship game and have to watch Jake Kumerow get six catches for 80 yards and a touchdown in a Super Bowl. That is not something Gutekunst will be able to come back from. Jake Kumerow just might hold Brian Gutekunst’s fate in his hands.

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