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Devin Funchess Sets Absurd Record

Photo Credit: Bob Donnan (USA TODAY Sports)

Nearly 16 months after signing with the Green Bay Packers, last season’s covid opt-out Devin Funchess is ready to make his presence felt in the Packers organization. But first, Funchess decided to make his presence felt on the record books.

NFL fans remember earlier this year when Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end Rob Gronkowski caught a football dropped from a helicopter that was hovering at 600 feet in the air. The video of him catching the ball while at his alma mater, the University of Arizona, went viral and dominated social media pages.

Funchess decided to up the ante on Tuesday, performing the same feat at Denver’s Empower field in conjunction with charity Global Field Day. Funchess was able to catch a football dropped from a helicopter that was 750 feet in the air. What might be even more impressive? Gronkowski did this fully dressed with cleats, Funchess was able to perform the catch in flip-flops!

The road to joining the Packers has been a rocky one for Funchess as he hasn’t played football since the start of the 2019 season. A broken collarbone followed by his decision to opt out cost two seasons. But he looks to compete for a roster spot in training camp this season.

Despite missed time Funchess, 27, is still young enough to be considered in the prime of his career. If he can bounce back to the same form that saw him put up over 2000 yards in his first four seasons, he could figure to be a valuable player operating outside the numbers.

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