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The Aaron Rodgers Moment The National Media Would Never Show

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The national media loves to show you his divisive sound bites. They love to spread rumors about his discontent. It would be nice if the major networks and blue check marks on Twitter gave Rodgers that same sort of attention when he does the things that are truly worth going viral.

Sunday night after a big Bears victory was one of those moments.

With a ton of alumni on hand to watch the Packers oldest rivalry game, Rodgers took time post game to hug and handshake every single one of them.

It was a great moment to see a legend giving the respect that is deserved to the players who built the game that he now gets to succeed in. Equally great was the appreciation and enjoyment on the faces of each and every one of those alumni.

This is the sort of thing that makes the Packers organization special. It’s a unique fraternity that only the men who have worn the colors understand. The only fan owned organization in the league based in a tiny town filled with die-hards and built on legends.

It’s clear Aaron is not only a part of this fraternity but one of its leaders. All these stories about his issues with the city and his desire to be somewhere else should have to be stacked next to moments like this. Stephen A Smith and the squawking heads on ESPN should have to show this viral video as many times as they showed tweets from Aaron’s girlfriend on vacation.

This is Packer football and this is what makes Aaron Rodgers special. We all know it even if the national media won’t admit it.

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