A Couple Of Former MVPs Join The Anthony Edwards Bandwagon

Photo Credit: Nick Wosika-USA TODAY Sports

The list of Anthony Edwards fans grows longer by the day. From his peers to Hollywood royalty like Adam Sandler there’s no shortage of love for the young Timberwolves superstar. Now you can add a couple of NBA finals MVPs to that bandwagon.

Andre Iguodala had Dwayne Wade as his guest on the latest episode of The Point Forward Podcast and the NBA legend talked about the time he took his son on a college visit to Georgia and was joined by Edwards.

“Coach was watching film with him and I was like, damn, this kid is talented,” Wade said. “I watched him and it looked like he had a LeBron body in high school.”

Iguodala was quick to respond by describing how outrageously difficult it was for him to try to guard Edwards last season.

“He came at me full speed and did an in and out and there was absolutely nothing I could do. I was like, it’s time for me to wrap it up. This kid, he’s different. He’s like Dwayne when he could change those directions and he could split pick and rolls and it’s insane.”

The two even joke about how nice it would be to see Edwards as part of the Miami organization and its culture.

“All he needs is two months of Miami basketball and it’s over,” Iguodala joked. “My god. That kid’s got it. And he can shoot too.”

With the addition of Rudy gobert, which should allow Edwards some support and safety on both ends of the floor, there’s reason to believe that Edwards could catapult himself into the very top tier of NBA superstars this season.

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