Trey Lance Will Be A Viking & Defensive Coordinator Candidates

This Week Matt, Preet, Tyler, and Carter talk about the defensive coordinator candidates for the Vikings so far and why Brian Flores might be an excellent (or not so excellent?) fit with the recent firing of Ed Donatell. Then it’s all about the reason fans are so intrigued by a trade for Trey Lance to learn from Kirk Cousins for a year and what it might cost to get Lance back in Minnesota. We touch on the playoffs and closeout, as always, with our Super Gremlins Of the Week.

[00:26] Available Defensive Coordinators

[07:19] Brian Flores Defensive Deep Dive

[11:32] Is Trey Lance the Next Vikings QB?

[16:15] Available Rookie QBs

[23:50] Playoff Update

[27:15] Super Gremlin of the Week

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