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Brian Baldinger Gives Perfect Breakdown Of Jordan Love’s Growth

Photo Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Former NFL player turned analyst Brian Baldinger is as good as it gets when it comes to breaking down NFL film. There are no hot takes or harsh opinions attached to what he does, just a thorough explanation of what he’s actually seeing when it comes to the players and teams that everybody is talking about.

After the Green Bay Packers put on the best performance of their seasons on Thanksgiving, Baldinger took to Twitter to break down some of Jordan Love’s best moments showing off his growth as a first year starter. He also honed in on the team’s best moments giving a ton of crediting to both scheme and players. It is excellent.

First he takes an in depth look at some of Love’s throws even adding comparisons to Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre.

He looked at the Packers’ opening score.

Tucker Krafts’s TD.

He lauded their gamelan in stopping Aidan Hutchinson.

And dug in on the defensive performance.

The win against Detroit felt like a crucial moment, not just in the season, but in the overall journey of this young team and its young quarterback. It is fun to watch an expert breakdown the success without any frills.

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