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Christian Watson's Dad Goes Off On Love And Packer's Fan Base

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The Christian Watson situation has gone from bad to bizarre in Green Bay. After an up-and-down 2022, Watson’s 2023 campaign has spiraled. On Monday a stat about his absurdly low catch rate(121st out of 121 eligible offensive players) went viral.

Watson’s father, Tazim Tajed, took to social media to absolutely go off on the Green Bay Packers’ fan base and the quarterback throwing him the ball.

“What amazes me about this Green Bay Packers fan base, and some of you reporters quite frankly, is the fact that this team, which is literally the youngest in the NFL, was not expected to even compete this season, yet have found a way to be in every game.  You all are about as bad as it gets, and I played in Philly with their schizophrenic fans.

Quite frankly, you all were awful to Aaron Rodgers when he took over for Favre, and pretty much any time he wasn’t perfect on the field!  You wanted Davante Adams to be cut by his 2nd season… AND you somehow think you “deserve” better than what this team is?!?  You all don’t deserve a damn thing but to support the players who’re out there playing their asses off, if you choose to be fans! #FairweatherFan

…Even the raw analytics don’t support the negative narrative around him this season… According to those, he has been thrown 16 catchable passes this season out of 33, catching 14 of them. That damn sure isn’t an issue with his Drop Rate. Until that gets corrected, all of the noise is just empty chatter. He cannot throw the football to himself! Somehow you all were gung-ho when he was getting catchable balls thrown to him and scoring TD’s like gangbusters… But, this year, what exactly changed? You think he’s the problem? OK!”

Wajed went onto discuss the offense

“Most interesting is the fact that holistically this was probably the best performance of the offense since week 1; yet, some of these people are so football illiterate that they saw Christian drop 1 pass, and saw a couple other misses, and jumped to the conclusion that Christian Watson was definitely a problem Yesterday!?!

In the meantime, Pittsburgh won the game while being outgained by 75 yards.  But, of course the issue was that they ran for 205!”

And to prove his point about Twitter experts, he absolutely took apart an Andy Herman post.

Meanwhile Christian’s brother seemingly also sent blame Jordan Love’s way.

Wajed,who was originally drafted by the Packers in 1993 and spent time with the Chiefs, Giants and Eagles isn’t the first father to publicly defend his professional athlete son, and he certainly won’t be the last. But Green Bay has a very specific culture and damage control will certainly need to be done here. Unfortunately, Wajed’s behavior now puts his son not only in a position to need to have to play better, but also to have to separate himself from his fathers remarks, never ideal for a player trying to make his way in the league.

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