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Green Bay Wins Huge In Derek Carr Deal

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The Green Bay Packers front office has received no shortage of criticism for the way they handled the past few years of Aaron Rodgers career. Brian Gutekunst has been, perhaps rightfully, roasted for his drafting strategy and free agency reluctance amid what many felt was an “all in” championship moment. Despite these very valid criticisms, as Derek Carr announced his signing with the New Orleans Saints this morning it became hard to argue that the Packers GM had played the current situation like a fiddle.

Even regular Packers detractor, Colin Cowherd, couldn’t help but be beside himself with how well things have worked out in Green Bay’s favor. The popular host of Fox Sports’ The Herd used an entire segment of his show to break down how perfectly things have leveraged in Green Bay’s direction.

“Green Bay has this big big decision to make right? Oh my gosh what are we gonna do with Aaron Rodgers? This morning because of the Derek Carr news Green Bay by being patient, take a deep breath with Aaron Rodgers…has much more leverage.

The Jets are trapped. They’re not getting Garoppolo. They’re not getting Derek Carr. Tom Brady retired. In that division with Josh Allen twice a year. With Bill Belichick twice a year. With a certainly capable Mac Jones twice a year. Tua and Mike McDaniel‘s offense twice a year. Congratulations on having Sauce Gardner. He wasn’t helping you last year win games. You have to get a quarterback.

What are you gonna do? You’re either going to overpay for Jimmy Garoppolo or you gotta get Aaron Rodgers. So here’s Green Bay Friday thinking we probably have a big decision to make and this morning the Jets desperate come in and say we have to pay part of Aaron Rodgers salary. So Green Bay could get cap relief by the Jets playing some of Rodgers salary and draft capital.

My take away this morning is Green Bay has leverage. They have a quarterback that’s expensive. That’s kind of making them wait They have the other kid in the building. They have a capable roster. And the capable, authentic division, full of bad defenses.

I don’t know, I look at the Jets franchise right now and they are running out of options. And Daniel Jeremiah is like the Jets want him… Well this morning the Jets need him.”

The whole video is a fantastic watch for Packers fans who are hoping for the ideal outcome for the team. Click below to watch.

As frustrating as things have been for so many fans, if the eventual plan was to give Jordan Love the reins, it feels like the Packers, after years of drama have now perfectly position themselves to do so, in a way that best supports their young quarterback.

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