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Tom Peliserro Debunks Latest Rodgers Reports

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Over the past 24 hours the Aaron Rodgers narrative had become quite simple. We were told that a deal is essentially done between the Packers and the Jets and we are all just waiting to see if Rodgers signs off on it. This was reported by nearly every credible sports news source. But, as often is the case with Aaron Rodgers, the credible news sources don’t seem to have it correct.

This morning Tom Pelissero reported that everything is essentially still on the table for Rodgers as both sides wait to hear his plan.

“Despite a report to the contrary, the Packers and Jets have not agreed to the framework of an Aaron Rodgers trade, per sources. Both sides continue to await word from Rodgers on his plans. If he decides he wants to go to New York, then the teams will work to hammer out a deal.”

It’s likely wise to listen to Pelissero, given for the past few off seasons have been filled with experts and reporters lining up to say Rodgers was done in Green Bay only to have him come back and play for the team. Rodgers, as he’s mentioned time and time again, has a very small circle of trusted people. Only those people know his true intentions and anyone telling you something different is doing so without proper information.

The fact that the decision is taking a little longer than many expected does open the door for questions. Does he actually want to go to the Jets? Is he really still considering retirement? If he does want to go to the Jets, is this about wanting other deals in place to bring in people he wants like Sauce Gardner intimated?

Lifelong Jets fan and NFL Network host Rich Eisen is even starting to wonder what’s taking Aaron so long.

It seems incredibly likely, despite Peliserro’s report, that Rodgers will still be a Jet at some point. But, as is often the case with the Hall of Famer, it’s wise to wait until we hear it from his mouth.

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