Why Was Sam Darnold Minnesota’s Contingency Plan?
By Bryan Miller - Mar 12, 2024
Minnesota Vikings fans who have spent the past couple of years hoping the team would part ways with divisive quarterback Kirk Cousins might be feeling like they […]
The Alexander Mattison Experiment Validated the Skeptics
By Bryan Miller - Mar 1, 2024
Minnesota sports fans, and Minnesota Vikings fans in particular, tend to be skeptical. (We have our reasons. Let’s not bring any of that up and spoil a […]
One Devastating Super Bowl Moment Should Resonate With All Vikings Fans
By Bryan Miller - Feb 12, 2024
As a Minnesota Vikings fan, one moment in Super Bowl LVIII really resonated. No, not Jake Moody’s blocked PAT (don’t be unkind). It was actually far more […]
The Vikings and Bills Have Formed A Brotherhood Of Sadness
By Bryan Miller - Jan 22, 2024
When the Buffalo Bills’ Tyler Bass missed a field goal wide right on Sunday night, all but ensuring another victory for the Kansas City Chiefs, Minnesota Vikings […]
Green Bay Packers
The Packers’ Weakness Can Become Their Strength In December
By Bryan Miller - Dec 9, 2023
After the mid-season resurgence that saw them claw back to .500, the Green Bay Packers have something of a clean slate heading into Monday night’s game, when […]
Detroit’s Upset Is Truly Upsetting For Vikings Fans
By Bryan Miller - Sep 8, 2023
Bad news out of Detroit. That’s not so surprising. It could be about crime statistics or the collapse of American industry or further indignities suffered by their […]
Green Bay Packers
Is the Green Bay Way Getting In Green Bay’s Way?
By Bryan Miller - Mar 4, 2023
The Green Bay Packers boast one of the richest traditions in sports. They’re not just an institution in the NFL, they’re a pillar upon which our collective […]
Green Bay Packers
A Survival Guide For Another Aaron Rodgers Saga
By Bryan Miller - Jan 28, 2023
Remember those first bizarre days of the COVID-19 lockdown in March 2020? You’d wake up in the morning to the disorienting realization that virtually all businesses were […]
Green Bay Packers
Is Matt LaFleur A Mike McCarthy Engine In A Sports Car Frame?
By Bryan Miller - Jan 17, 2023
Matt LaFleur rolled off the Sean McVay assembly line chrome-shiny and shock-sprung, a fine piece of two-door football machinery that looked built for bombing down the fast […]
Don’t Feel Bad For Reveling In Green Bay’s Misery
By Bryan Miller - Jan 9, 2023
Look, I’m not a great person. I get a kick out of watching marriage-proposal rejection videos on YouTube. I deeply dislike the sound of children singing. A […]
Green Bay Packers
The Packers and Vikings Are Right Where They Should Have Started
By Bryan Miller - Dec 31, 2022
Some British musician once wrote, “The long and winding road/That leads to your door/Will never disappear/I’ve seen that road before/It always leads me here.” Sure, Paul, but […]
Green Bay Packers
The Packers Will Give Fans the Best — Or Worst — Present This Christmas
By Bryan Miller - Dec 24, 2022
The history of bad gift-giving dates back to the very first Christmas when, according to the gospel of the song “The Little Drummer Boy,” someone gave the […]