LOCKED ON WOLVES – 2/14: Rockets Blow Past Timberwolves by 18
By Colton Molesky - Feb 14, 2018
The Houston Rockets were lifted high above the Minnesota Timberwolves after scoring 42 points in the fourth quarter. Colton Molesky and Tim Faklis talk about what went […]
LOCKED ON WOLVES – 2/13: Butler a Blue Chip Piece and the Rockets 3-Point Shooting
By Colton Molesky - Feb 13, 2018
Jimmy Butler has changed the play and the culture of the Timberwolves, does that give him Blue Chip Status? Colton Molesky has Tom Schreier on the show […]

LOCKED ON WOLVES – 2/12: The Timberwolves need the All-Star Break
By Colton Molesky - Feb 12, 2018
The Timberwolves have been edged out again in crunch time, this time to the lowly Bulls. At home, the Timberwolves scraped past an even worse Kings team. Following […]
LOCKED ON WOLVES – 2/9: Chicago Game Day
By Colton Molesky - Feb 9, 2018
Colton Molesky is joined by the host of the Locked On Bulls podcast, Matt Peck. They cover the performance of Zach LaVine, Kris Dunn and Lauri Markkenen. […]
Double or Nothing: How to Bet on Hockey
By Colton Molesky - Feb 9, 2018
The football season is over, but there is still plenty of places to put money. Ben Remington and Giles Ferrell join Colton Molesky to help him make […]
LOCKED ON WOLVES – 2/8: Timberwolves Downed in Overtime
By Colton Molesky - Feb 8, 2018
The Timberwolves take the Cavaliers to overtime in a high scoring game that had Jimmy Butler and LeBron James trading shots late. Colton Molesky and Mitchell Hansen […]
LOCKED ON WOLVES – 2/7: Cleveland Game Day
By Colton Molesky - Feb 7, 2018
The Timberwolves are on the road to play a Cavaliers’ team fresh off a bad loss to the Magic. The duo of Colton Molesky and David Naylor […]
LOCKED ON WOLVES – 2/6: Trade Deadline
By Colton Molesky - Feb 6, 2018
Colton Molesky and Brennen Scarborough address the fast-approaching trade deadline. They cover who the candidates are on the market that could impact teams and their value. The […]
LOCKED ON WOLVES – 2/5: Road Show
By Colton Molesky - Feb 5, 2018
Colton Molesky is joined by Dane Moore and Tim Faklis, as they hit the road to cover the Timberwolves in Cleveland and Chicago this week. The trio discusses […]
LOCKED ON WOLVES – 2/2: The Timberwolves Soundly Beat the Bucks
By Colton Molesky - Feb 2, 2018
The Minnesota Timberwolves have no trouble with the Milwaukee Bucks in a 19-point rout. Colton Molesky and David Naylor talk about what was different between this Timberwolves […]
Double or Nothing – Super Bowl Picks
By Colton Molesky - Feb 2, 2018
Colton Molesky is joined by a big crew to dive into a Super Bowl conversation. Arif Hasan, Andy Rieckhoff and Mike Gelfand all join the show to […]
LOCKED ON WOLVES – 2/1: Bucks Game Day Preview
By Colton Molesky - Feb 1, 2018
The Milwaukee Bucks are looking hot on a four-game winning streak while the Minnesota Timberwolves enter with a two-game losing streak. Colton Molesky and Mitchell Hansen talk […]