Does Sonny Gray’s Biggest Strength Outweigh His Greatest Flaw?
By Hayden Audette - Oct 23, 2023
Sonny Gray had a career year last season. With a 2.79 ERA and 183 strikeouts in 184 regular season innings, Gray was dominant throughout much of the […]
Minnesota’s Emphasis On Defense Has Paid Off In the Playoffs
By Hayden Audette - Oct 8, 2023
We always hear that defense wins championships. The Minnesota Twins won their Wild Card Series with the Toronto Blue Jays thanks to some outstanding pitching and defensive […]
The Twins Need To Channel Their Inner Willi Castro In the Postseason
By Hayden Audette - Sep 23, 2023
Willi Castro practically won the Minnesota Twins’ road series against the Cincinnati Reds by himself. In Tuesday night’s win, Castro took four runs off the board and […]
Will the Twins Pick Up Max Kepler’s Team Option Next Year?
By Hayden Audette - Sep 16, 2023
One of the biggest surprises in the 2023 Minnesota Twins season has been Max Kepler’s sudden turnaround. Early in the season, many fans and media members were […]
Did the Twins Learn From Their September Collapse Last Year?
By Hayden Audette - Sep 2, 2023
The Minnesota Twins hold a secure lead in the AL Central with a month remaining in the 2023 season. They’re in a good place with only 27 […]
The Twins Have To Seriously Consider a Six-Man Rotation
By Hayden Audette - Aug 26, 2023
The Minnesota Twins’ pitching staff has been one of their biggest strengths this year. Minnesota’s starters lead all of baseball in quality starts with 63, and they […]
Minnesota’s Young Core Is Forming Right In Front Of Us
By Hayden Audette - Aug 20, 2023
The 2023 season has been a roller coaster for the Minnesota Twins. They have been incredibly streaky over the past few weeks, winning a few games in […]
Dallas Keuchel Is the Right Guy In the Right Place For the Twins
By Hayden Audette - Aug 6, 2023
Throughout the 2023 season, the Minnesota Twins’ pitching staff has been one of the biggest strengths. The Twins have ranked near the top of the league in […]
Why Is Every Twins Game So Close?
By Hayden Audette - Jul 29, 2023
On their last homestand, the Minnesota Twins had two come-from-behind walk-off wins. The first came in the series finale on Sunday against the Chicago White Sox. Trailing […]
Julien and Kirilloff Can’t Carry Minnesota’s Offense All Season
By Hayden Audette - Jul 23, 2023
The Minnesota Twins have won eight of their last ten games coming out of the All-Star break. They started this stretch with a three-game sweep of the […]
How Have the Twins Played Since Their Reset In Baltimore?
By Hayden Audette - Jul 8, 2023
Rocco Baldelli picked up a marker in the Baltimore Orioles’ visiting clubhouse and wrote down a simple message for his players: “Let the season begin.” The intent […]
What Is the Twins’ Ceiling?
By Hayden Audette - Jul 1, 2023
The Minnesota Twins have shown two different sides of themselves throughout the first half of the 2023 MLB season. Occasionally, they have looked like a team primed […]